Monday Fun: Chat GPT Defeated!

by Chris Black

It’s obvious that artificial intelligence doesn’t stand a chance against natural stupidity.

This kills the AI:

This convo really made me laugh out loud. 

Well done anon!

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They modified the AI algo since, but still funny.

Imagine how much more biased scientific publications can become when you automate the assumptions and biases of the people who have already polluted science with bias in the first place.

In the same way that academia and the scientific disciplines are already loaded down with “educated” ideologues whose bias manifests in the “research” they publish, ChatGPT will deepen and accelerate this same trend, since it has been neutered into an algorithmic representation of that same sort of smug over-educated imbecile. 

It even mimics the speech patterns, turns of phrase, and assumptions of that same sort of person.

However, keep in mind that lberalism is a mental disorder and chat GPT is brain dead:



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