We Need to Question Who Authorized This Act of War

by Martin Armstrong

(Download this in PDF to forward to your Politican Wherever you are: Impach 3-6-23 )

Everyone needs to write to their Congressman and Senator demanding an investigation NOW! The acts of Victoria Nuland, most likely the leader of the pack, Antony Blinken, and Jake Sullivan actually rise to the level of Treason, – engaging in using the Executive Branch to instigate war against Russia when that is ONLY the power Constitutionally held by Congress. Meanwhile, Russian oligarchs who have direct ties to Biden and Hunter, are always exempt from his illegal confiscation of private Russian assets that are a flagrant violation of international law. That, many now question, might be tied to bribes for the “big guy” once again.

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We need to call Biden to account. He is too out of it and easily manipulated taking orders from the Neocons (Victoria Nuland), to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline – the Neocon goal since the 1960s. This was an Unconstitutional Act of War, for such authority only resides in Congress under Article One of the US Constitution, the Authority of Congress to make war. This is why the press was immediately told to eat their own, Seymour Hersh, by their puppet masters – the Neocons. The mainstream press has been the cheerleaders to send your children to war to be slaughtered on the 21st killing fields to put a smile on the face of Victoria Nuland and friends.

President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and especially Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland as well as National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, should all be called before Congress and interrogated as to their acts. This is an impeachable offense. Victoria Nuland was in Kiev in 2014 pushing for the revolution telling the protester the US could not get involved unless 100 were killed. Nuland was there handing out sandwiches. She probably wanted to hand out warm milk and cookies to show US support for the revolution. It was the US who installed an unelected interim government that then sent the army to invade the Donbas which began this entire war. Nuland should be interrogated for abusing her position to further war that ONLY Congress can authorize.

Was she also involved in the fake negotiation of the Minsk Agreement to buy time to raise an army to wage war against Russia? Did Nuland tell Zelensky to say Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons on February 23rd to force Putin to respond that night in his national speech and then the next day, 24th, move to occupy the Donbas since he also refused to honor the Minsk Agreement? Has Putin really been the aggressor, or has this all been choreographed to support war as was the case with Vietnam and Johnson’s famous line that for all he knew they were shooting at whales that night, and we were never attacked?




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