We Were Warned In 2014 – United Nations Global Internet Censorship – Living Under UN Control.

by Ruby Henley
In 2014, Fox News warned us of what was to come, but that was in 2014.  Now it is 2018, and Internet Censorship is indeed occurring. There is much more to this story, and I have gone back in time to research the many facets of this complex manifestation.  It is shocking, but we should have seen it coming. The two instigators and partners are Barack Obama and the United Nations, and they have accomplished a completion in global governance.
The first aspect is the present censorship, which has now encompassed Alternative Media.  It has been in the works since Obama became President. We have been aware that Obama has a very close relationship with the United Nations.  That relationship was in fact preplanned and forged in global governance by the United Nations. You could call it the New World Order, Agenda 21/30, Mark of the Beast, or the Deep State take over of the United States.  They are all one in the same.
un control of internet 2
I want to state it was very difficult to find sources for this report, as many sources have been taken from the Internet.  The above source is a Godsend, and I want to thank them.
Below is the article from Fox News from 2014:
After the Fox News warning appeared back in 2014, a journalist began an investigation to discover what this news would really mean to the Internet.  Remember he began this feat back in 2014. He saw that much had been made about the Obama administration’s plan to forfeit control of the organization (ICANN), which administered the Internet.
It was fueling concerns that the United Nations would be controlling the Internet. He discovered due to his creative, home-grown journalism, it appeared that these claims by Fox News were valid.
He found through his research it was probable that control of the Internet would be given to the United Nations.  After this the alternative media will soon become extinct, because it would be regulated out of existence. Sadly now, in 2018, we are living the nightmare that was predicted in 2014.  Of course, it was called a conspiracy then, but now we know it is in fact true.
Below has been taken from: fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/media/internet/news.php?q=1400111777
I want to thank them for their extensive research and very valuable article.
“An innovative activist and researcher, who refers to himself as only “4409? recently ventured into the Phoenix Convention Center to investigate the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group which is trying to create a blueprint to control access the Internet. Subsequently, “4409? discovered that big money is behind a coming government program designed to make it mandatory that for you and I to use the internet, we must submit to using a biometric online identification tool.
4409 further discovered that one of the convention rooms was reserved for online liability insurance program. Companies which were lining up to see how they could make money by offering liability insurance to people with biometric online Identifications. This begs the question as to whether this biometric online ID poses a potential physical danger to the user? Why else would one need this type of insurance?
4409 also discovered that there were rooms that said “policy,” “finance,” “privacy”  and “implementation.” 4409 did not detail the scope of the entities which are behind this online biometric ID program.  However, he did reveal the fact that this massive meeting between these multiple entities was not merely a brainstorming session. These entities are conspiring to control the Internet and ultimately to control you.”
All government agencies and colleges like Cornell University were in attendance, and the reader of this report should also take the time to read the entire article at the above website.  The scope of this undertaking is massive, and I will be covering related aspects in this report.
A major aspect is financial.  What you now get for free you will soon be paying an access fee. Your online ID will come with a price and you will undoubtedly be taxed on your internet usage. Additionally, the government will have access to everything about you, and we already know this is true – but It will get worse.
The world is being pushed in to accepting the widespread use of various biometric ID applications. Countries around the world are already requiring biometric identification authentication for passports, identification cards, and in banking systems in Japan, United States, Germany, Australia, Israel, Iraq, Nigeria, and Brazil. There is a point coming of the merging on all of these biometric schemes, and it is becoming clear that the sum total will add up to the enslavement of humanity – no shocker, huh?
un control of internet 3
A Christian Perspective of Biometric ID’s –
Revelation 13:15-18 states: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, OR the name of the beast, or the number of his name … and his number is six hundred threescore and six.”
A Libertarian/Constitutional View of Biometric ID’s –
This is a gross intrusion into American civil liberties. The government is conducting unwarranted searches and seizures of our bodies and our private possessions/documents. This is wholly illegal and unconstitutional and must be opposed by any means necessary.
Conclusion –
What has been presented here is just the tip of the iceberg as to what the globalists have planned with regard to the use of biometric ID’s. If the plot for the United Nations to control the Internet was not bad enough, we are now learning that the United Nations desires to use this technology for some very frightening possibilities.
Now, I want to move on to more about the United Nations, and how they have for the largest part taken over the globe.  We have feared this, but it has actually already occurred, so we are presently living the nightmare.
The following article is from 2015: www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/11/12/a-course-originally-called-the-problem-of-whiteness-returns-to-asu-as-racial-tensions-boil-over-on-campuses/?utm_term=.cbe40de23359
“At some universities, there are classes dedicated to understanding the notions of whiteness, white supremacy and what the field’s proponents see as the quiet racism of white people. The professor of one such “whiteness studies” course, Lee Bebout of Arizona State University, announced recently that he would be teaching for the second time a course originally called U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.
Fox News correspondent Elisabeth Hasselbeck called the course “quite unfair, and wrong and pointed,” whereas ASU student Lauren Clark told Fox News that the course “suggests an entire race is the problem,” according to the Arizona Republic.
Social critic David Horowitz told The Post in 2013, “Black studies celebrates blackness, Chicano studies celebrates Chicanos, women’s studies celebrates women and white studies attacks white people as evil.”
“It’s so evil that one author has called for the abolition of whiteness,” he said.”
I hate to say this, but we have been walking down the yellow brick road to hell for quite a while now.  We have talked about it on online forums, but now we are experiencing what the enemy called “conspiracy theories.”  As we now know we have been a step ahead all this time in our wisdom, but what good has it done us?
The next aspect is on gun laws, and it proves the fact the movement to abolish the Second Amendment has been underway since Obama was President.  www.gonzalolaw.com/library/page/2/
“The accidents caused by firearms continue to rise in the United States. This week, the federal government has decided to take action to reduce the number of firearms obtained by ineligible individuals. The people who fall into this category of “ineligible” include convicted felons, perpetrators of domestic violence, as well as individuals who suffer from mental health challenges that risk harm to themselves or others. The question then becomes how institutions will properly comply with federal healthcare privacy laws under HIPPA and also meet the objective of these executive orders.
The President (BARACK OBAMA) has stated that the goal of these new policies in 2016 is to prevent firearms from being obtained by those who could do serious harm.
The federal government has asked the Department of Health and Human Services to allow it access to patient records of those who are suffering from a mental illnesses which prohibits them from possessing a firearm. The federal government has requested that this information be included in the firearm background checks. Ordinarily since the passage of the Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, all patients’ medical records are confidential. The Department of Health and Human Services has determined that in order to protect public safety, it will allow institutions to release “limited but necessary information” to the federal government.  This is effectively resulting in a relaxation of the HIPPA requirements.”
As you can see we have lost all of our freedoms; this has been coming for quite some time, and every mass shooting event has added fuel to the fire.  The ultimate goal is the persecution of the “white man.” We have witnessed an illegal immigrant invasion, lawless sanctuary cities, the complete loss of our Judicial System, and the takeover by the Far Left.  Yet, this is being portrayed as the rise of the Alt-Right. If you are white, Republican, and an upholder of the Constitution – you have been targeted for extinction.
The last aspect of this report is concerning the takeover by the United Nations.  It is done.
The below article is from 2018:
“Yale, Cornell Law Libraries Help Launch Global Rule of Law Initiative.  In partnership with the United Nations, law librarians at Cornell and Yale are getting law journals, e-books and other legal content to people in low- and medium-income countries for free.”
The below article is from 2014:
“Traditionally, international law only governed the relations between nations. But now, this concept has evolved into something that’s threatening the very foundation of our country.
Case in point: As young illegal immigrants pour across the Mexican border from Central America, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is hoping America grants them refugee status.
The UN believes that if we refuse these sick, poverty-stricken children, it will be a violation of international law…
But American law specifically prohibits the entrance of unaccompanied minors.
So now, both bodies of law are in direct conflict – and the UN isn’t budging.
And this raises an important question: Has America lost its sovereignty to a new world order?
The complexity of international law – and the undemocratic way in which it comes into existence – is a grave threat to the freedom of all Americans. UN officials aren’t elected, in fact, many are appointed by dictators and tyrants who control the rogue states around the world.
And they’ve already threatened our borders, the way we uphold justice, and protect innocent foreign civilians. In short, they threaten our very sovereignty.
The special freedoms we enjoy under the U.S. Constitution could soon be distant memories. When international law trumps American law, we all have a problem.”
I have tried to show you the path, which has led to what we are currently on as white, Republican, conservative Americans.  Barack Obama was brought into the United States by the United Nations to destroy the US Constitution and implement global law enforced by the United Nations.
Currently the initiative to implement global law is being led by the United Nations through Cornell University.  All the aspects of the United Nations is being portrayed as “positive” for humanity. If one chooses to live under global dominance by the United Nations instead of the Constitution of the United States, then you are in luck.
Forget the Judicial System of the United States – we are seeing it is obsolete.  Do not expect the arrest of the Clinton cartel and all those involved in the destruction of the United States as we have known it.  The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves, and soon many Patriots will be in the same boat.
God told us this day would come, and now it is here. He will always see America as land of the free and home of the brave – even when it is a ghost.  America was forged from His plan of individual sovereignty. No man can take away what God has given humanity as a birthright.

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President Trump has tried his best to fight all the damage Obama has done, but the Left had fought him every step of the way.
It has cost him dearly, and the Deep State is gaining ground.  Make no mistake about it – President Trump is an American hero.

72 thoughts on “We Were Warned In 2014 – United Nations Global Internet Censorship – Living Under UN Control.

  1. Won’t need a biometric ID to vote though.
    It would be racist to prevent Democrats from voting multiple times.

      • Ruby…would like to “talk” to you more about the others thru email. Please take one of my older posts that you can send me your email and then go back and delete when I email you…… I have literally thousands of posts to go thru to get to older ones of you that I would feel safe doing this.

        • There is a video somewhere on the net, if it is still around, that teaches you how to see them. It’s about breaking down barriers that prevent you from seeing their real image. They do it with some sort of mind control apparently. I will try to find the video. It was a long time ago.

          • Thanks….I can spot them well enough…..it’s amazing that they don’t age, change their clothes or change their mannerisms!!! I know they can trick you into immediately not remembering what they look like even seconds after you see them….. I’d love to see the video…dogity!!! Hope you find it.

          • Two people come to mind when reptilians are mentioned. The queen of England and the current pope.

          • Two people come to mind when reptilians are mentioned. The queen of England and the current pope.

          • The person that made the video I was referring to apparently deleted the original due to problems it was causing. Since then, she decided to make another one due to popular demand and it can be found at the bottom of the article at this link: http://in5d.com/hypnotic-code-reptilians-how-to-see-them/
            I will try it out and let you know if it worked. Assuming that I don’t become lizard food. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a863f2d4d59b19772d736197d2673c26b9a2fff3afa5661d75e10d5ffdfaa83c.jpg

          • Thanks for the video…..too bad ms. giggly can’t stay on track and wanders around too much….she is hard to watch if you don’t like dizzballs but she DOES have some very interesting observations. I wish she would stop with the rambling on and on and get to the point. She is talking about the reptiles….I am talking about different “others”…..others who “popup” and kids that don’t age….she did not address them as maybe she hasn’t seen any of those……like the same cop you saw in South Florida in 1993 pops up in NE Ohio and looks like he hasn’t aged a day, same haircut same mustache….and even admits he was in South Florida in 1993…..that’s what I am talking about..

          • Agree. I couldn’t make it through the entire video. It was her original one, which is no longer available that caught my attention. It was much more to the point without all rambling while laying on a bed. It was outdoors fresh after an event. And yes, it is specifically about the reptiles. The ones you are speaking of could be that they are not prisoners of time in the linear fashion as we are in the 3D matrix. They could be inter-dimensional beings, which I believe is the case for Sasquatch also. I have reason to believe that which is partly due to my geographical location.

          • I would be interested in finding out how it is possible that the same cop from Fla. in 1993 also ends up confronting your son in Seattle years later. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Every so called ‘coincidence’ is the result of a particular chain of events.

          • My son confronted this cop up here!!! when he was fking with my kid. My kid said to him hey you don’t age!! Cop said nothing.
            Not too long ago my son was listening to the scanner via the internet Broadcastify where he heard a comment that he found quite intriguing…..Hey so and so has a freezer full of meat!!! Someone came back and said I Could really go for one….. Meat? Why would that be all over a police scanner out of nowhere at 4AM? Hmmmmmm…. guess you’re not going to be eaten by the reptiles afterall….maybe something or someone else…. Plus a lot of homeless folks are no longer in our little city anymore. They are missing all over the USA….and SF does not even count the homeless any longer I’ve read…..probably because there is a cannibal “club” out in SF.

          • The others also have built in radio communication capabilities we’ve noticed. Sometimes when we are alone INSIDE my home and mention in normal speaking tones someone and something in particular….one of these others can recite the private conversation word for word….. apparently they can “hear” through walls!!! and my nearest neighbor is at least 45′ away…

          • I wasn’t implying that was the case. Just stating a fact out of context. All new appliances are equipped with wifi and other things. They give it a cute name calling it “the internet of things”.

  2. GREAT ARTICLE Ruby!!!! Thank you. I knew that when the UN came to Chicago (where else) in America….the jig was up!!! and we would fall prey to them….and now it has come to pass. Remember bozo wanted to be President of the UN? Well, I guess this is the next best thing for him seeing as how a lot of money is obviously going into HIS pockets. And now with his new Netflix series in the works….he’s going to be in front of the public….and not for the better as he will have carte blanc to spout all his Communist ideas on unsuspecting Americans…..

    • Thanks, Sallie. Honestly, the only thing that makes sense to me how our judicial system has imploded, where the elite no longer follow the rule of law is that the rule of law is not the same any longer. The UN is establishing global rule of law now, and even though it may be in secret more or less it has dominance over the Constitution. When people speak about the Constitution, they have no idea it no longer exists. People had better wake up now.

    • Sallie, I assume you know both the Bolsheviks and the NAZIs were financed by the BANKSTERS. Some even financed Lenin/Trotsky and Hitler. It’s all Satanic NWO.

    • Sallie, I assume you know both the Bolsheviks and the NAZIs were financed by the BANKSTERS. Some even financed Lenin/Trotsky and Hitler. It’s all Satanic NWO.

    • Sallie, I assume you know both the Bolsheviks and the NAZIs were financed by the BANKSTERS. Some even financed Lenin/Trotsky and Hitler. It’s all Satanic NWO.

      • The jewish bankers have been in the business of funding both sides of a war for 200 years now……the bolsheviks were jews and believe it or not the Nazis were mostly jews as well….!!! Most of the higher ranking Nazis were jews.

        • Hitler was supposedly 1/4 Jewish from a Vienna Rothschild when his Grand mother was a housekeeper there. I never heard of any DNA tests that were successfully completed by from his surviving nephews have you? I had an ole Nazi SS Intel Officer tell me back in 1986 in Germany that he personally was on a detail that was sent to the Vienna Rothschild Mansion to take them to Switzerland. The ole man refused to leave or git out of his chair and he and his detail lifted the chair and carried it to a truck and then when they got to the border thye lifted the chair and carried it across. The ole man definitely had courage to refuse the SS orders.
          He also told me that he and most fellow WWII soldiers felt betrayed by Hitler and the NAZIs and that they were dupes used to destroy Germany. At the time Germany was rebuilt and it sounded crazy. But now look how that Commie Globalist Scum Merkle destroyed it, what two WWs couldn’t.
          He and several other soldiers independently told me that after years of rounding up Jews for the NAZI’s they never saw a rich Jew. Mostly poor and a few middleclass. After years of brainwashing about how the Jews ran Germany and the world, they questioned to themselves why they weren’t sent to git the rich Jews.

        • As for most of the head NAZI’s were Jews, I’d have to question that. I heard the claims before. Albert Speer and most of the German soldiers and higher officers mostly appeared Teutonic. However many of the sick twisted top do not appear Germanic such as Bormann and Eichmann off the top of my head. even Hitler doesn’t appear Germanic. I wonder what the Blue eyed blond haired Ubermensch thought of being counseled about racial purity by these scumbags? LOL!

          • Please research Francois Genoud. How this dirty NAZI scum bag escaped prosecution and even flourished after WWII is totally disgusting!

          • You can start with Wikipedia. Even that has enough to turn most anyone sick. There’s a whole lot more. Don’t have links. Did the research about 10 years ago once I became a big time conspiracy nut and no longer could ignore the reality around me. It’s been a curse since then!
            Stuff is bein dumped in the 1984 memory hole daily now so if he is wiped out of the cloud, please let me know.

          • I failed to mention on top of two son-in-laws being Investment Banksters with Soros connections and Jewish, BOTH had their fathers locked up for Investment Fraud. The odds of those two matching that description must be 1 in 100 million! No LOL!

        • The same NAZI SS Intel Officer told me in 1986 that George Soros was the most dangerous man in the world and that a real life Project Odessa did exist to propagate the Globalist agenda. I had never heard of Soros at this time nor of Francois Genoud who was the NAZI SS Swiss Bankster who handled the confiscated Jewish wealth, including their Gold teeth. He claimed that Genoud mentored Soros and that was where Soros accumulated his early wealth. I have never been able to back that up.
          However look up Genoud. It is worth a couple hours to research him. He was rewarded by running the European Red Cross after the war and funded and helped establish the PLO to terrorize the Jews in Israel. Why the Mossad didn’t wack him instead of searchin for 93+ year old privates that spent 3 to 6 months as accountants and medics at concentration camps 70 years latter deserves asked.

          • Yes, indeed, Soros IS A VERY DANGEROUS MAN….he’s more Communist thinking than he is anything else. It’s Soros behind the false flags and all the BLM crap…and the antiNRA crap…..he wants to destroy not only Europe but the USA as well. He is a very nasty, nasty man……and I put nothing beyond this man…be it murder, theft or whatever…..

          • Soros, Obama, Clinton and the Democrat party worked double time to destroy Israel over the last 8 years with the blessings of 85% of American Jews. Why? I can only think THEY want Israel destroyed, Israel retaliates with the Sampson option and the ME is wiped clean and THEY move in and rebuild Jerusalem and make it the center for world government, finance and rebuild the Temple for Satan’s Beast’s 42 month rule of the NWO with Islam as the Forced religion of da Beast!
            Crazy talk I know. However what else explains current events?

          • Listening to you guys talk, I am thinking Soros may be the devil incarnate. He really is a most evil man. He said when he was helping his father turn in the Jews, it was the happiest time of his life. That is a bizarre statement. Is there a worse evil? The only reason someone could relish evil as Soros does is …in my opinion….they are not human as we are. They are reptiles…they do not have the same nature as we do. I used to think everyone on earth had some redeemable quality, but sadly I have learned every person walking this earth is not human. It clearly explains how they practice ritual abuse of children, how they get off on murder of humans….they are not human. We are sharing this earth with reptiles who are Luciferians. It is not that they choose to worship Lucifer….they are born reptilian. They prey on humans. They have taken human form throughout history as Nazi/Jews/The Far Left, and their core nature is to seek humans as their food source. I am not talking science fiction here….I am being serious.

          • I actually got goose bumps from sheer Evil when I watched that 60 minutes interview on U-tube. Is it still up or in the 1984 “Memory Hole”?
            You know we conspiracy nuts have been talking about the Lizard People and the Elites bein Reptilian since David Icke made it up on Coast to Coast or something like that back in the 1970/80s. He was dead on about the BANKSTERS but he threw in the Lizard people to protect himself from gittin wacked like Cooper or he is controlled opposition. The best way to git people to ignore the truth is to tell it and then wrap it up in one BIG lie. Then everything you say is discounted. It is taught in the SF Intel course among many things the Globalist are using to spread disinformation.
            However lookin at pictures of Clinton, Kissinger, Soros, Rockefeller, Podesta and others he may be right. They surely have the compassion of a Reptile. Satanic for sure! Perhaps Star Treck was based on truth. LOL!
            We must continue to demand the Podesta’s emails are investigated for criminal activity! It surely appears that it is ALL in there!

          • Ruby, Yes I know what you are talking about and you are NOT nuts for thinking this…. you are far from nuts about this. They do exist and they do look like us in a lot of ways on the outside…..but certain features give them away. My son and I call them the “others”….and yes, they DO hunt us and yes, they DO eat us….this is not your imagination. And even some of the politicians ARE the others…..why do you think they are able to come up with all the stupid ideas and stupid laws that actually help them!!! And some cops are the others that literally popup from nowhere!!! long story but I can assure you this is true….

          • We see the others all the time when we go out shopping. They do not age. My son remembers seeing several individuals from 20 years ago when we lived in South Florida up here…and they didn’t age. They wear the same clothes, etc. and drive weird cars…

          • Yep, they are not like us, and that explains why we as humans cannot understand them and their Satanic ways.

        • Lastly Jew or Gentile, Rockefeller or Rothschild, These people do NOT worship G-d, but worship the golden calf. It appears to me that these Satanic Scum go back to the 18th century with the Illuminati and morphed into the Jacobins, then the 1848 Revolutionaries’, then Marxist/.Socialist/Commies/Democrats/now Progressives. It most likely goes back to da days of Babylon.
          What is the chances that the Clintons (Professional politicians) and Trump(Businessman) both daughters would marry Investment Banksters who happen to have extensive Soros connections and happen to be Jewish? U can’t make this stuff up? The odds gotta be 10 thousand to one if not a million to one that BOTH would run for President at the same time against each other!!
          I can truly say I support the Jewish people, G-ds chosen and the State of Israel. I do NOT have to, nor will I cower before godless Jews or Gentiles who are out doin Satan’s work!

          • Mac, you are right on target. And, no, you cannot make this stuff up. It is much more bizarre than even science fiction.

          • In case you missd it in the bottom post to Sallie, I added to the son-in-laws common traits: Mac-101 Sallie Ann • 28 minutes ago
            I failed to mention on top of two son-in-laws being Investment Banksters with Soros connections and Jewish, BOTH had their fathers locked up for Investment Fraud. The odds of those two matching that description must be 1 in 100 million! No LOL!

          • Unfortunately it was ALL in the MSM like WSJ and NYTs. So I assume it is true. Not that they are truthful rags. You see where Amazon paid ZERO taxes on 6 Billion in sales? BEZO Scum Washington Post Owner. NYT owner Carlos Slim familia owns something like 25% of Mexico yet does Nothin for the Mexican People but works at destroyin America for the Globalist scum also!

    • Wreaths go back to Greece and Rome and before to celebrate victory or accomplishment. Perhaps they are ALL tied together to symbolize the Globalist NWO and it’s continuation of the Roman Empire and some say the Catholic Church’s supremacy. Just throwing it out there. Ain’t gave it no real thought.

  3. Well, Ruby, in the last 6 to 8 months I’ve been readin you. You “evolved” to doubting conspiracy scenarios to a full out conspiracy nut. There is way too much out there now even in the MSM such as the NYT and Washington Post and WSJ to ignore it. One just has to put together the dots they show us to complete the picture. Alternate news sources just direct out attention to those dots! Satan takes the most satisfaction in KNOWIN you are doin evil and chose to do so with the Free will G-d gave us!

    • Mac, my evolution is very strange to say the least. I was born to a Baptist father and to a mother, who was new age when new age did not exist. She refused to adhere to my father’s fundamentalist beliefs, and they never had a kind word for one another. However they focused on my brother and me. We had a 44 acre farm in the Smoky Mountains, and we lived of the land, and, yes, I was upper middle class. I had everything I wanted, and I was blessed to live in a small mill town with other innocent young people like myself. My father not only had a working farm, but he worked in the paper mill, too. My mother stayed at home and raised us, but I never remember her being happy. She did not believe in Jesus Christ and taught my brother and me to disregard my father’s fundamentalist family. When I married, I married a man who only wanted a trophy wife. I almost died at his hands, as he was abusive. I had two children with him, and ended up divorcing him….hard times….married again to much the same type man….very hard times. My youngest child committed suicide, and I had a nervous breakdown. However, I found Jesus Christ, and he is my lifeline. I worked as an EMT in the local hospital, and I found the Internet and Godlike forum. That is where I learned mush of what we talk about here. However, to be honest, my desperation led me to the truth. I had t make sense out of what I was intuiting and learning about our situation here. It has come quickly since i started writing here. Talking with you guys has helped me evolve. Your sophistication and wisdom amaze me.

      • The amassing thing is that it is so out in the open it’s hard to be blind to the truth. However it is foretold that the people would be blind and lead like sheep to their destruction. For the intelligent educated people to ignore the Truth it can’t be ALL cowardness or fear of loss of jobs. The intelligent people I talk to on the net eventually break down to sheer hate and stupidity when confronted with facts that their own sources offer. It’s has to be Satan controlling their minds. We can worship many different types of false gods and idols. Money, fame, acceptance, SOCIAL JUSTICE and so many more.
        I have my whole life on my site. I have been reading conspiracy stuff since the 60s. My GGGrandgfather was the most successful Iron and Steel Banker in Pittsburgh PA and lost ALL in the Crash of 1873. His biggest debtor was Mellon and he reneged on payin back the money and with Rothschild connection created the power house of Mellon Bank and utilizing his Masonic connections had ALL the notes he owned him thrown out.
        My Father, Grand father and Great Grand father used to tell stories about him and we would ALL laugh. We never thought much of it. However with the advent of the internet I did find out that many of the stories were true. One that he did leave his Bank at the beginning of the Civil War at 42 years old and was the First Sergeant of the Duquesne Grays, 12th PA INF Militia. They had ole style 1812 GRAY uniforms which they had to trade in real quick once the Civil War started,. LOL! Also a quote from ole man Mellon when he was one of the richest men in America degrading Soldiers, Irish, Catholics and Negroes. He was 3 out of the 4. Goes to show you how the original Robber Barons thought.
        Many more interesting things and I did so many I doubt at times I actually did them. Steel Worker in the USS Clairton Works where the Deer Hunter was written about, My life mirage it but I had my orders revoked after Ranger School for Vietnam after Nixon stopped any more combat troops. My son ended up like the suicide soldier on drugs but thankfully he pulled out somewhat. He got kicked out of Col Custer’s ole unit, the 7th Calvary in Iraq for havin no concern for his own life and EVEN LESS for the lives of the Iraqis. So I totally understand the heart ache that goes with a child following the path to destruction, once again encouraged by the society and globalist to weaken America.
        However with Bush declaring no WMDs in Iraq and Bush rollin over with the Donkey Congress in 2006 and actually acting like he was happy about it made me wake up and made it impossible for me to NOT believe that Bush I, II, Clinton and Obama were ALL Agency developed to pursue their Globalist Masters plan to destroy America and turn her into just another 3rd world hole in the NWO. Bush II without a doubt was John da Baptist for Obama. Every unconstitutional act Bush pushed for and Obama fought against, Obama increased them by a factor of ten once he gained the Presidency.
        With Trump now as President and the RePugs are his main enemy, how can it NOT be Two Parties, that are really One UNIPARTY! I pray we are crazy but events are impossible to ignore. Either stand with G-d or knell for Satan!
        You are really diving deep into this, much more than I, and you are an inspiration for me to continue to go out and preach to ALL I can on a daily basis. The encouraging thing is here in Kentucky about 95% of the people agree, White, Black, Brown, Male, Female, Middle Class, Poe, Young and Old!
        Did I tell you I died of a botched Army operation in 2010 and was intensive care for 3 weeks and was visited by the Egyptian guardians of the dead circling me beckoning me to follow them. I sure didn’t. If it was the light I would have been gone in a NY minute. I am the only one who I ever heard of that had this near death experience. I had chocked it up to too much History channel.
        A year later I was blessed by havin my colostomy bag removed and had visions of the martyrdom of a Black Roman Legion. I never heard of them and I just keep seeing Black Roman Legionnaires advancing to a town wit a cross in it and retreating and being decimated twice. On the third time they ALL were beheaded. After a month and a half of trying to glean more info, since it was a hazy vision I typed in Black Roman Legion/decimation/Christian and up popped the Roman Theban Legion. If you have time type it up. It spurred this sorry excuse of a sin laden, back sliddin Christian wanabe to preach Truth to Power to anyone and everyone.
        I got a lot more incidents which it surely seems G-d is pushin me the way I must follow. I pray hard nightly that I do not waiver and also for you to continue your quest to save souls and bring Light unto the Darkness. I’m sure your father is proud of you now. He planted the seed which bore fruit. Unfortuetly your mother may have been playin the role of tormenting your father to see if he would break and abandon Christ. Thankfully he didn’t. Unfortuetly your mother may have been playin the role of tormenting your father to see if he would break and abandon Christ. It took a while to sprout, but grow it surely is. .

        • Mac, i am speechless.
          When Maximian heard this, he realized that these men were obstinately determined to remain in their Christian faith, and he despaired of being able to turn them from their constancy. He therefore decreed, in a final sentence, that they should be rounded up, and the slaughter completed. The troops sent to execute this order came to the blessed legion and drew their swords upon those holy men who, for love of life, did not refuse to die. They were all slain with the sword. They never resisted in any way. Putting aside their weapons, they offered their necks to the executioners. Neither their numbers nor the strength of arms tempted them to uphold the justice of their cause by force.
          They kept just one thing in their minds, that they were bearing witness to him who was lead to death without protest, and who, like a lamb, opened not his mouth; but that now,they them selves, sheep in the Lord’s flock, were to be massacred as it by ravaging wolves. Thus, by the savage cruelty of this tyrant, that fellowship of the saints was perfected. For they despised things present in hope of things to come. So was slain that truly angelic legion of men who, we trust, now praise the Lord God of Hosts, together with the legions of Angels, in heaven forever. Not all the members of the legion were at Aguanum at the time of the massacre. Others were posted along the military highway linking Switzerland with Germany and Italy. These were progressively and methodically martyred wherever they were found. Some of the most celebrated saints who were martyred are:
          During their martyrdom, numerous miracles happened, which undoubtedly largely contributed to the massive conversion of the inhabitants of these regions to Christianity. In Zurich for instance, the three beheaded saints Felix, Regula and Exuperantius miraculously rose, carried their heads on their own hands, walked to the top of a hill, where they knelt, prayed and at last lay down. On the same spot, a large cathedral was later erected. The three saints carrying their heads on their hands appear on the coat of arms and seal of Zurich until today. Saints Victor, Orsus and their comrads were barbarously tortured by Hirtacus, the roman governor of Solothurn. During this torture, several miracles occurred, e.g. the shackles suddenly broke open, the fire was instantaneously extinguished, etc. The lookers-on were thus filled with wonder and began to admire the Theban legionaires, upon which the furious Hirtacus ordered their immediate beheading. Without the slightest resistance they offered the executors their necks. The bodies of the beheaded Saints then shown in glaring brightness. The bodies of the Saints which were thrown in the river Aar, advanced the bank, stepped out, walked heads on hands, then knelt and prayed at the spot where the Basilica of St. Peter later arose. The bodies of the martyrs of Aguanum were discovered and identified by Saint Theodore the Bishop of Octudurm, who was in office at 350 AD. He built a Basilica in their honour at Aguanum, the remains of which are visible untill now. This later became the center of a monastery built about the year 515 AD on the land donated by King Sigismund of Burgundy.
          Maurice and the Theban Legion became still more important with the rise of the Kingdom of Burgundy. The Burgundians moved into southeast Gaul, as Roman allies, in 443 after crossing the Rhine in 406. Like the other Eastern barbarian tribes, who had been evangelized by Ulfilas in the fourth century, they were Arian rather than Catholic. They remained Arian despite numerous attempts to convert them to Catholic Christianity. Avitus, Catholic bishop of Vienne, attempted to convert the Burgundian king Gundobad in the 490s. Although tradition says that Gundobad favored the Catholic faith, he refused baptism by Avitus because the monarch feared his Arian nobles would revolt. His son Sigismund, however, was baptized a Catholic around 500, approximately the same time in which Clovis, king of the Franks, became Catholic. Since Burgundy was still Arian, Sigismund had to find a way to balance his Catholic faith with the political realities of an Arian society. While he tried to placate Clovis by publicizing his Catholicism, he never sought to establish Catholicism as the state faith. Since the Arians never had any type of monastic establishment, Sigismund could build a monastic base without offending his Arian bishops and aristocracy. In 515, one year before he became king, Sigismund enlarged and renovated the monastery of St. Maurice at Agaunum. Although previously there had been some sort of hospice and community to minister to pilgrims, Sigismund set out to build something unique. Most monasteries originated and grew from disciples attracted to some holy ascetic. That is, once the fame of an ascetic grew, he would attract disciples to his cave or hut. As the numbers grew, an informal community would spring up with its own rules, while a method of worship typically evolved over a period of time. The monastery of St. Maurice, however, would be unique. It would not evolve, but spring up almost fully developed. Between 515 and 521, Sigismund lavishly endowed its foundation and ensured that it would flourish. He spent huge amounts of money to build a sanctuary, and he transferred monks from other Burgundian monasteries to ensure that the liturgy was kept. The liturgy, known as the laus perennis (perpetual praise), was imported from Constantinople and was distinctive to the monastery of St. Maurice.
          St Maurice’s blood and ring, as well as the stone on which he was beheaded are preserved in St-Maurice-en-Valais, Switzerland to this day.

          • Glad it strengthened you. Please allow me to continue. So in 2010 I died from a botched simple Army surgery and it took a couple years to recover somewhat. Was visited by the Egyptian Guardians of the dead for three weeks while I was morphed up in intensive care. They beckoned me to come with them to who knows where. I surely wasn’t goin to follow and expected to be dragged off at any time. It was NOT a “To the light experience”. I chalked it up to too much Discovery Channel at the time. Now I believe that there is a very good chance that G-d was givin me a second chance to do his work down in the trenches. I pray every night that I have the strength to fight evil and do not git wobbly as Peter did once three times in a row. He sure made up for it though.
            Then a year later my colostomy bag was removed and I got visions of the Black Roman Legionnaires who I researched and found out they were the Theban Legion who I had never heard of, and that these Black Legionnaires were an essential part of spreading Christianity throughout White Europe and eventually the entire Western Roman Empire.
            A year latter on Christmas Eve my wife was reading a book on Martyrs for Christ and asked me to read one story. It was they typical Pakistani girl gittin kidnaped and gang raped by Muslims and bein forced to marry one. She escaped and went back home and then the Muslims slaughtered her entire family. I read rather quickly and the book opened to another story so I read that one so she wouldn’t say I didn’t read it.
            I had always wondered how/why Emperor Constantine attacked and conquered the Eastern Roman Empire. It was because Constantine made the Eastern Roman Emperor pledge he would quit persecuting Christians. On his next birthday he decreed everyone in his Empire would have to worship him as a god. 40 soldiers refused to do so and they were put on a frozen lake and striped bare. Hot tubs were placed all around them and if they’d worship the Emperor thy could git in the hot tub and spare their life.
            One soldier got weak and he did so. The Centurion in charge said that 40 men went to die for Christ so 40 men WILL die for Christ. He took off his clothes and went in the soldiers place and froze to death. Constantine was so mad about this he attacked the Eastern Empire and the rest is history. The Legion these men were in was the “THUNDER LEGION”.
            As I read this I was being asked to go to the Pentagon and work on the replacement of the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter since I was a very experienced Chinook pilot and maintainer. I was torn to do so, being promised that they really wanted someone who could NOT be pressured by politics to push an inferior product and would fight tooth and nail for the best replacement or upgrade. It would have been the perfect retirement job makin a 6 digit income in the MIC guaranteed once I retired. .
            I did NOT want to leave my division, the 101st Abn and the 159th Aviation Brigade which I had spent just shy of 20 years in. It was like family, maybe more so. This is extremely unusual for anyone to speed even half that time in one unit.
            The name of my Brigade that I served just short of 20 years in was the THUNDER BRIGADE. Just like the Thunder Legion of the 40 soldiers I just mentioned. You talk about a bolt of lightening stricken. I feel on my knees and gave thanks to G-d and sung his praise.
            PS: While I read up on this I found out that my First name, Miles is a Latin derivative for Soldier. I always thought that I was named for my dad who was named after my gggrandfather’s cousin who also served in the Civil War in the 12th PA Militia Calvary who may have been named after Miles Standish..
            PSS: Let me add that back in 1985 when the steel industry got decimated in Pittsburgh I applied to the CIA and had two job interviews with the Agency. At least One was in Langley and I walked past the Commentary Wall and the Eagle on da Floor! The job was to monitor technological transfers of industrial technologies that had military applications to Red China. Needles to say I did NOT git it. If I had I would have been Arkancided for fightin Clinton and the rest of the Globalist Scum tooth and nail for the Loral deal alone!
            I got one more amassing story how G-d intervened in my life dealing with my mother if you are interested, it really effected me.

          • This has two parts. The first is for some reason money just keeps commin in makin me financially independent and able to help a lot of people and the church. I was in Afghanistan and my Buddy with some Amish put up a equipment storage barn for me for 15 grand. He keep buggin my wife to insure it and since she had so much to do just keepin da farm goin I told her I would take care of addin the shed/barn when I got back. She, being a worry wart and my Buds on her to git the insurance , she got it 5 days after it was built. 7 days after it was built a tornado came by and tore it down big time. thankfully I did NOT have equipment I it.
            However most of the tin was recoverable and so was much of the lumber. Much of the Lumber was able to be cut in smaller pieces and reused. The tin on the roof was used on siding for the new barn. So with the insurance money and recovering most of the materials I was able to build a hay barn twice the size of the storage equipment shed.
            Then 5 years latter another tornado hit and took out 1/3 of the Hay Barn and a large 150 foot tree that was supposedly there back in the Civil War days. It was the largest tree the Insurance Adjuster ever saw. My Amish Buds were glad to cut up and haul that much logs for their saw mill and fire wood.
            So for 3 grand more and the salvaged equipment My Buddy , my Amish Buds and me almost double the size again. Freeing up a lot of money that would have been required to build this without the insurance money.
            This damage was done with the entire structures screwed together with excess screws and wood. No nails for me. The Insurance man never saw barns built so tough and git torn apart. The amassing thing is me ole rock house sits between both buildings and was never touched and no one hurt, Praise G-d.
            Then I had 4 vehicles crashed by deer or other drivers fault which ended up totaling them and I, as a most excellent Helicopter/truck Combat Battle repairer was able to fix them and git reconstructed titles makin significant money.
            On top of that I had my Storage Barn FULL of 50/60/70s Chevy and Trans Am Parts ripped off and the scum bag Meth heads got 100 grand worth of classic parts from me. I put out a 300 dollar reward through the Sheriff and told the insurance company NOT to bother reimbursin me because it started to look way past insurance fraud and I felt dirty just cause of the bad luck. They insisted in payin me 1/3 of the value.
            So I had a lot of extra cash pourin in and was able to spread da wealth as Bernie would say to a lot of people and some organizations. I just ain’t got no 600 Grand 3rd house on da Lake with a 100 grand sports car. LOL! However it appears G-d has blessed me for bein generous and helpin those who are attempting to help themselves.

          • I lied, I’m goin to make it three parts. As you can guess I’m a big ole gray bearded crazy individuals that preaches to as many people, ALL kinds of people, that I can, wherever I find them. I git about a 95% favorable reception I guess.
            I was in extremely bad shape for over 6 months which I just held me guts propped in an overstuffed recliner and ever breath was painful from them cutting me open like a pig and takin ALL my guts out and washin them and stuffin them bake in and letting me bellie heal inside out. Every breath was painful, day AND night. And to add to that I took a dup about 25 times a day which was extremely painful also.
            So I applied for SS and lost about 3 final appeals. On the last one I had this younger female judge that had SJW written ALL over her and the SS work expert was a dead ringer for Lenin. So I explained ALL my problems and how I suffered from extreme fatigue and could only eat once a day and go to the bathroom continuously. All da Truth.
            So how I got an opening to do a little preaching, and I thought that surely this would seal my final rejection. However, I thought I would hate to see St Peter and explain to him why I put wining a settlement and monetary remuneration above preaching the word. Anyhow I was highly shocked that they really got into my story about the Egyptian Guardians of the Dead and the Theban Legion and my quest for Salvation and dragging as many other souls as I can from the clutches of Satan.
            Needless to say I won the appeal and got 2 years back pay. Now ALL I got to do is live to be 67 and I’ll git back the entire 106 Thousand dollars I paid into SS. LOL

          • Now part three. My mother has Alzheimer’s and I promised her I do everything I could to ensure she lived in her house. While I was in Afghanistan I 2009 she got too bad and my daughter moved onto the family farm in Pennsylvania and helped her. As she got worse she was too lazy to do so and in my last two weeks she and her boyfriend dropped her off at my farm in Kentucky.
            While she was in PA she wondered off several times. One time she did so at 4 in the morning in a light rain at 40*F with no coat.
            I was called about 6 in the morning and prayed that she would hopefully not suffer too much since the chance of her surviving that temperature in a rain at 80 years old was slight. I went out to check me cows and calves and there was a slight rain and extremely cold here in Kentucky also.
            This was the first time I ever had a new born calf git stuck in a ditch/gully which I had placed logs in it to stop the erosion. The calf was a pretty brown heifer without blemish. I climbed down into the gully and carried her out.
            I thought of Abraham pullin the Bull out of the thorns at the last minute and G-d tellin him to sacrifice it instead of his son to G-d. I prayed to G-d that I sure rather have this fine calve die and have my mother die painlessly if it wasn’t HIS will that she should survive..
            My mother was found by a man just driving his mother around who also had Alzheimer’s who loved to ride in the car with the windshield wippers flappin in the rain. They lived about 20 miles away from where she found under a pine tree soakin wet shivering I the cold about 30 feet from the road. It was a miracle that he saw her..
            I thought for sure she would die from ammonia and was preparing for her final matters. THREE days latter she was released from the hospital totally healthy but still with the Alzheimer’s.
            THIS IS THE STRANGE PART! The brown heifer was extremely healthy for 3 days. When I found out that my mother was released and with no health problems, the next time I checked on the calf it was DEAD!
            Now I have several women who help me with my mother since her Alzheimer’s has progressed to the point she can barely walk with assistance, many times we just wheel her around the house, can’t say more than a couple words once I awhile and sometimes recognize me.
            She was always a Christian Lady and enjoyed life. She still smiles and appears to enjoy livin and finds happiness at the smallest things. So I am blessed to still have my mother who still enjoys the gift of life.
            And the above story about the financial windfalls enables me to take care of my mother, crippled wife and others as I feel motivated by G-d..

          • I have one more remarkable story about my mother. While she was still livin in her house with my daughter takin care of her, I planned to visit her. I had to cancel my leave because of to many doctor appointments came up and I ate the plane ticket.
            . I was on the roster as disabled but able to perform Casualty Assistant Officer and was on that roster. Since I was a CW5 I was on the list to perform Casualty Assistant Officer for CW3 and MAJ and above. A SGT died and no one was able to reach the Casualty Assistant Officer on that list. So they asked me if I would do it. Of course I told them it would be an honor to assist the widow lady.
            It just happened that the funeral was to be held in a small town just 20 miles away form the family farm in PA and I slept in the same bed I had planned to the same week. The odds of that happening between two small towns in Western Pa are infinitesimal.
            The lady was not a US citizen and had many financial and legal issues that arose due to her husband dying and I was able to rectify them ALL in about two years including bein part of her citizenship ceremony. I really felt that G-d placed me there to help her and their son overcome the hurdles they faced.
            I had so many things happen to me since 2009 that I feel G-d has shown me that HE is real and to submit to HIS Will. I had faced death numerous times prior to actually dying at Ft Campbell and wasn’t scared the least. I had several crewmembers I’d see years latter thank me and tell me how we did this and that during emergency procedures and it was a miracle that we ALL were able to survive and land the aircraft without major damage to the aircraft other than the component failure/fire whatever that caused the emergency. Had so many, some I didn’t remember.
            I have shown you my site and have on it my Officer Records Brief that shows I did much of what I said I did. I am one of the very few people in the world who accomplished ALL they wanted to.
            My goal was to become a US Army Soldier, Complete Ranger School, Serve in the 75th INF ABN Ranger, then serve as a Special Forces Light/Heavy Weapons Leader and lastly become a US Army Aviator and fly Heuys, which I logged 3000 hours followed by 4000 in Chinooks.
            I’ve accomplished ALL I had hoped to and of course the main goal was/is to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC. I, like you, am sick of watchin these Globalist scum dismantle America for Satan and his Beast’s 42 month rule of the NWO.
            My only fear, even though I have lived a fearless life, is that I will fail Christ as Peter did three times before the roster crowed, even though he walked with Jesus! HE has influenced my life so much in the last 9 years it would be a travesty if I did.
            I pray nightly that I don’t and have the strength and intelligence to fight Satan and influence some people enough to assist them on their path of salvation! . I also include you I my prayers among many others. Your journey towards the Truth has been remarkable.
            G-d Bless you Ms Ruby and continue the Good Fight!

  4. The funny thing is the Left can’t stop callin Trump the biggest Liar ever, while Obama told major lies constantly which effected every middle class family in the country. Trump so far is only caught exaggerating and stretching small stuff; the milk of ALL PoliTicks and good BS artist..
    The left loves Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook which according to congressional testimony are ALL on da Agencies payroll. THEY all work hand in hand to eradicate free speech and hunt down Chinese dissidents and now even Amazon will control/store ALL NSA/CIA and DOD files.
    They are controlled by multibillionaires who rip off the consumer and work their people like dogs! Give u a warm and fuzzy? Libs/Socialist/Commies/Nazis/Progressives ALL end up workin for da state to increase their personal wealth and squash dissent!
    They are controlled by multibillionaires who rip off the consumer and work their people like dogs! Give u a warm and fuzzy? Libs/Socialist/Commies/Nazis/Progressives ALL end up workin for da state to increase their personal wealth and squash dissent!

    • No doubt we are living in hell on earth, and it is going to get worse. The Southern Poverty Law Center has just categorized Christians as a hate group.

      • But Muslims are practitioners of the “Religion of Peace”. Another proof that Satan owns this world with his 180* from reality or morality!

  5. The thing about censorship is this. It is only done by those that do not speak the truth. The only purpose of it is to silence the truth. It is never the other way around. The truth never tries to censor lies. It has no reason to. The truth has nothing to hide. Lies do not affect the truth because it is absolute and never changes. On the other hand, truth can affect lies by exposing them. Lies change and grow until they become a web of many lies to support the initial lie.
    Google tries to justify censoring content by claiming that they are stopping the spreading of fake news. If that were their real intention then they would not be hiding it to prevent people from seeing or hearing it, They would be welcoming it so that they could expose it by countering it with the truth. Then you might ask how can you tell which one is actually the truth and which is the lie? That’s easy. The lie will be the one defending itself. That is something that the truth never has to do and it will always prevail.
    Censorship makes it easy to determine which is the truth. It is the one that is not attempting to censor. That speaks volumes about companies like facebook and google/youtube that are now openly censoring content more and more each day. That only leaves one question. What are they trying to hide? And why? OK I lied, that was two questions to be truthful.

  6. ROFL!! Do your worst!
    ‘1Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?
    2The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together
    against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
    3“Let us break their chains
    and throw off their shackles.”
    4The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.
    5He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
    6“I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.” Psalm 2

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