Welcome to month end trading! S&P on pace for its worst week since August; January gains wiped out

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by bigbear0083

Welcome to month end January!

S&P set for its worst weekly decline since around mid-August 2019.

As of this posting, the S&P has wiped away all January gains.

Headlines pointing to the worsening cornavirus as today’s catalyst. While other outlets pointing to Bernie Sanders’ latest surge.

Me? I say this market was overdue for a nice healthy pullback! Forgettabout the news. 😛

Is this setting up for another déjà vu 2018 again?

U.S. market just a few percent off their ATHs, so still nothing too newsworthy to report here.

This has (at least up to this point) been a pretty orderly selloff.

Question is will that change?

Seems unlikely, especially with the FED seemingly backstopping this market.

What are your thoughts? Let’s hear ’em.


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