We're In The Midst of A Global Currency Reset

Let’s examine the rumors that are floating around.
1. The Fed Reserve will merge or absorb into the UST
2. There IS a global event that has been unfolding during the past ten-plus years. The Basel III Protocols (which includes the Global Currency Reset) have required the cooperation of many nations — 198, to be exact.
3. What gets in the way from time to time with regard to this Global Currency Reset (as has just happened in the past few days) is political maneuvering and disagreements that delay things.
4. Fiat currency is becoming a thing of the past due to ongoing pervasive fraud and devaluation of paper currency – now it will have to be backed by assets (precious metals, oil, etc.) China would like to take over the US’s position as holding the world’s reserve currency in hopes to have their currency backed by gold. However, Clinton mentioned in one of her speeches that Iraq will become the richest nation in the world due to its oil reserves. Thereby, numerous nations that hold the Iraqi Dinar are looking to the IQD becoming the global reserve currency.
Basel III (or the Third Basel Accord) is a global, voluntary regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. It was agreed upon by the members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 until 2015; Basel III was supposed to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and bank leverage.

5. Precious metals (gold and silver) prices are manipulated. Currently the price is dropping. Why? Something big is about to happen. What?
The Global Currency Reset will take those 198 nations currency and revalue it up or down based upon that country’s assets. For example, Canada will go up about 20 cents, along with the Dong and IQD going up. The USD may go down or not depending upon how much IQD they have in reserve – and because O had all the other nations that owe the US money agree to pay back what they owe when the reset happens taking the US out of debt.
Since the US has billions worth of UQD they can do several things. Exchange the IQD for gold thus taking the USD back to the gold standard. Hence the current USD will be collected and replace by the new currency. New currency expected to be distributed in the fall.
6. At the G-8 summit this year the talk among nations was how to collect taxes from tax dodgers. Basically the global banking system is tightening up its agreements between nations and will identify those who have been slipping through the current tax holes. Thus more tax return money for the nations who track down their tax dodgers.
So instead of a crash – which is inevitable given the current fiscal structure, there will be a Global Currency Reset which is in the works.
This aired on Bloomberg TV on July 25th. It is the FIRST time it has EVER been mentioned in the mainstream media…


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13 thoughts on “We're In The Midst of A Global Currency Reset”

  1. Love the info on this link but the video cut off before it was done. Please see if someone can fix the video so everyone can hear the whole thing. Thanks

    • Give them time to ask their advertisers, real stand up characters, untouchable, unaccountable…hmm, if you are seeking truthful answers you are on the wrong page man…

  2. it was on bloomberg tv last year on July 25th, 2012 there were talking about it then and I believe that they are getting ready for a year now to do that getting new laws done new tax codes and etc.

  3. So all the online chatter about global currency changes does have a basis in fact.
    But will events pan? out well for ordinary people? Or will the ongoing transfer of wealth from the masses to the few be speeded up?
    Basel 3 should also include a Biblical-style Jubilee, complete with a forgiving of all personal debts, so? that in addition to creating a revised financial framework for the financial services industry and nations the reset will also benefit ordinary hard working
    In return for such a Jubilee it would be fair to show the bankers who played roulette with the money of ordinary people some compassion and cancel all further Iceland-style prosecutions.
    Otherwise even with this reset they should be prosecuted, locked up and the keys thrown away. Oh and only fed GMO modified pseudo foods and only given pop / soda type liquids to drink.


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