If something contains corn, soy, sugar beets (as in, not cane sugar), papayas, zucchini, cottonseed, canola, corn, rapeseed, soybean or vegetable oil, it is probably largely GMO and should be avoided. Same with everything dairy. Sounds easy at first, until you look at labels and realize that food-poison-400x400EVERYTHING contains these things and usually more than one of them. Most things contain corn, soy, sugar made from sugar beets and any of the assortment of oils listed above. Check for yourself the next time you go to the grocery store. It is in EVERYTHING.

You may have seen the label or claim “GMO FREE” on something. This claim cannot really be supported by science or legally. The best you can be assured of that something does not contain GMOs at that time and will be tested periodically to make sure it does not become contaminated. The NON-GMO Verified Project has public standards and claims to be the only 3rd party verification organization. They provide a seal for products to display. This is a loophole in the labeling wars.

What about meat? For chicken, ducks and rabbits you want to look for poultry fed organic grain or soy-free grain feed if you can find it. You want chickens that are not given antibiotics, hormones or anything that is not natural. The chicken should not be humongous; chickens are small birds and these 5lb breasts off of chickens are absolutely not natural or normal. Here we can havethe  Information within these chapters includes various methods and techniques for managing and curing hundreds of ailments, as well as for maintaining a healthy constitution year-round. It is not only the right size and natural, the taste is fabulous!

For pork, it is about the same as poultry. For beef, you want grass-fed and pasture-finished. No antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids.

Your local farms are a great way to eat organic. Check out Meat4All and see what’s near you. As you can see from the picture, Farm Match is very helpful in helping you decide which farm would be best to visit. The silver apple by the farm’s name means they are certified organic.