What Is This FBI "Secret Society"?

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: What Is This FBI “Secret Society”?c, 2003
Synopsis: This week has been one of extraordinary revelations about the workings and makeup of the so-called “Deep State” – especially the revelations about the secret society under whose umbrella they apparently met.
I just want to gather up what details I can before this thread of this mega-story in case the story disappears forever.
Several members of Congress have mentioned a text between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page mentioning a meeting of the secret society in regards to those who hate President Trump.
Senator Ron Johnson added this additional piece of information regarding the secret society.
The next day, Sen. Johnson quickly walked back his comments, saying it may have been a joke. How could it be a joke, Sen. Johnson, if you have an eyewitness telling you about it.
But then on Wednesday, True Pundit came out with this bombshell filled with additional details.
“Congressional investigators and intelligence veterans have uncovered a clandestine group of anti-President Trump federal employees who have reportedly been working to sabotage the President of the United States, according to Congressional and federal law enforcement sources.”
The True Pundit story even provided some detail on who were members of this secret society:
• FBI agents gone rogue against Trump in favor of Barack Obama’s agenda who are linked to the many investigations into FBI corruption
• Federal judges
• Federal prosecutors
• Retired FBI
• Possibly one sitting Attorney General of a large U.S. state
• Possibly former Attorney General(s) of the United States

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