Tom Fitton: There Is Enough Evidence To Arrest Hillary Clinton Now

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President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton says there is now enough evidence to arrest and successfully convict Hillary Clinton.
According to Fitton, the evidence against Clinton’s mishandling of classified information is overwhelming, as is the evidence of decades worth of criminal corruption. reports: Fitton spoke about Hillary’s classified information being found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Weiner’s wife and Hillary aide Huma Abedin transmitted classified information and passwords on her Yahoo email accounts.
There are 2,800 government emails on Weiner’s laptop which the State Department is slowly releasing to the public. More emails found on Weiner’s laptop will be released Friday.
Fitton says the Justice Department needs to launch a serious investigation and prosecute Hillary and Huma.
Tom Fitton referred to Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton a “sham”.
“You got a Russia scandal, you’ve gotta Bahrain scandal, you gotta China scandal, you gotta Nigeria scandal…you still gotta Benghazi scandal!” Fitton said.
Fitton said, “We’ve known for some time the Clinton investigation was a sham and corrupt. The text messages are further proof. Clinton email investigation should be reopened. More than enough evidence, especially on classified info abuse, to arrest Mrs. Clinton now.”
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2 thoughts on “Tom Fitton: There Is Enough Evidence To Arrest Hillary Clinton Now

  1. The traitorous criminals in the DOJ and democratic party need to be removed from power right now. They are a present danger to the current government and the people of the USA. They have said as much and acted as criminals, and need to be arrested before they can carry out further criminal acts

  2. Why do we even bother prosecuting murderers, pedophiles, rapists and other such minor criminals, when we simply turn a blind eye to the massive scandals of the impeached, disbarred, thieving, sex monster, phony pay to play “charity” scammer tag team from Arkansas? In the future, the Clintons will be memorialized along side the Borgias for their relentless criminality, IF someone in the Justice department gets off their rear end and takes action. Either investigate, indict, discover, prosecute, and find a punishment to fit the crimes, or else start teaching kids in school how to run their own scams and frauds, because we are no longer a nation of laws.

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