What Joe Biden & Kamal Harris said about the vaccination before the election…

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Joe Biden:

1] “If and when the vaccine comes it is not likely to have gone through all of the tests and trials that need to be done.”

2] “If and when we finally do, God willing get a vaccine, who is going to take the shot? Are you going to be the first one to take the shot? When they now say it is okay.”

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3] “And the question of whether it is real, when it is there, requires enormous transparency. You have to make it (the data) available to all of the experts across the nation so they can look and see. So that there is a consensus that this is a safe vaccine.”

4] “If a President announced tomorrow that we have a vaccine would you take it? Only if it was completely transparent and other experts in the country could look at it. Only if we knew all that went into it.”

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5] “If Donald Trump can’t give answers and the administration can’t give answers, the American people should not have confidence (in the vaccine).”

Kamala Harris:

1] “If Donald Trump tells us we all should take it, I’m not taking it.”

What changed? I have to say this pisses me off more than anything. Biden & Harris must think we are all imbeciles and idiots. For them voters / people are a means to an end, nothing more.




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