Whatever the Government does decide I hope it was really well thought through by everyone

by PablitoNJ

First step is to get widespread testing, so,people know if they have/had it. Seconds step is a scalable treatment. Then it will be normalized, like many other diseases, with effective diagnosis and treatment. Finally a vaccine will shut it down entirely.

So watch for the testing, until then there will be ongoing flare ups.

Video about the risks of early opening.

Loud talking, singing might spray the coronavirus further than 6 feet: Three-quarters of a Washington State choir group got infected with coronavirus after a rehearsal, and experts are saying it’s a reminder of how far these coronavirus-laced droplets can travel

Asymptomatic cases pose challenge for Boston homeless shelter

OSHA Flooded With Thousands of Worker Complaints Accusing Employers of Violating Covid-19 Guidelines — “Powerful evidence that workers across the country are terrified and frustrated that their employers are not providing them with safe workplace.”


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