What's going on? The UK is now a no go zone for conservatives.

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The radical leftists are trying to do the same in America. Starting with banning conservative speakers on college campuses.
Now Lauren Southern has been detained!!! The UK is a fucking disgrace!!

First Brittany Pettibone, now Lauren Southern. My my, the UK border police sure are scared of expressive women with their own opinions.

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Conservative Activist, Journalist Lauren Southern Detained at Calais, Banned From Entering UK

That’s Right Folks… You Heard It First
Or Second… Or Whatevea
Anyway Lauren Southern … The Little Girl With The Big Voice Has been detained & Banned In The UK
Because YOU KNOW WHO …
The UK is falling apart. Muslims are setting up no-go areas and are assaulting people. If you report it, you will be arrested by the thought police. 1984

What’s going on in England?

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