When you skip the COP Environmental conference to attend an OIL Billioneiaress wedding…


California Gov. Gavin Newsom skipped the Glasgow climate summit and attended the wedding of billionaire heiress Ivy Getty last weekend instead, according to a glowing Vogue magazine on the elaborate, lavish affair in San Francisco.

Speculation had surrounded Newsom’s disappearance since Oct. 27, when he received a coronavirus vaccine booster shot. Despite announcing his plans to attend the summit on climate change — a key issue for Newsom — he canceled, suddenly.

so you skipped a global conference on envirnment to attend the wedding of someone rich from oil that is destroying the world according you you….. are we sick of the hypocrisy yet ????

The wedding took place on Saturday, with Newsom in attendance and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) presiding.

Vogue reported in “Inside Ivy Getty’s Fantasy Wedding Weekend in San Francisco”:

Artist and model Ivy Love Getty, the great granddaughter of J. Paul Getty and one of the heiresses to the oil fortune he amassed, married photographer Tobias Alexander Engel in a ceremony officiated by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at City Hall in San Francisco. The bride first met her groom through a family member, and they eventually ran into each other again at Paris Fashion Week. “I saw this cute guy who was taking photos of the event and of me,” she remembers. “I naturally went over, and we started talking. Quickly we realized that we had met before, the year before.”

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The bridesmaids filed in first, wearing their Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture by John Galliano dresses. Groomsmen were followed by the flower girls in their butterfly wings. “The whole wedding party looked amazing with the bridesmaids dressed like Vestals in cloudy grey gauze and bias satin, and the flower girls with butterfly wings,” Bowles says. “Ivy looked incredible in all those mirror shards that tinkled as she walked up the steps and the wedding veil embroidered with all those symbols that had so much resonance for her and represented the beloved people in her life. John was involved in every aspect of how the party would look, establishing the hair styles and so on, and the result was incredibly beautiful and poetic.”

Guests were asked to mask up before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi entered the room and took her position at the microphone.

Pelosi performed the ceremony unmasked, despite requiring guests to wear their masks in her presence.

still not sure Newsome istn affected by something



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