Where Are The Bullet Holes And Broken Glass In The Las Vegas Massacre – Documenting The Evidence.

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by Ruby Henley
In this report, I am documenting evidence that I have found that shows bullet holes, wounds, and damages from the Las Vegas massacre.  It is my sincere belief this was a bloody killing field like most of us will never see.  Some of you, who are military and have experienced the battlefield of war know what I am saying.  Others, as myself, who are EMTs or medical personnel, also, have experienced firsthand what I believe those in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 experienced.
I know some of you believe this was a hoax, but there is no way you can convince me of this.  I have experienced being next to someone dying of a gunshot wound to the head.  I know the horror of a trauma one will never recover…the nightmares that repeat themselves night after sleepless night.     
As I watched a video below of those on the Las Vegas killing field trying to help the victims, I saw the horrible reality of truth.  No one can convince me this was staged.  However, I will continue to search for further proof of bullet holes and broken glass.

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I will repeat again, this is the killing fields of Las Vegas.
The below picture of a bullet hole was taken from www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4939872/Active-shooter-reported-Las-Vegas-Mandalay-Bay-Resort.html

I don’t have words to describe the hero in the following video.  This man did everything he could to direct those running from the fair grounds to safety.  As you will see, he tries to save a badly wounded man. God bless him.  This footage has not been widely seen.

Video courtesy of Las Vegas Review and Raymond Page: Raymond Page is being heralded as a hero during the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. Page heard the shots and began recording video (for evidence) on his cell phone while running directly in to the danger zone to begin assisting the wounded!
This video is of some of the victims in the hospital by The Dr. Phil Show:
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The following video describes that a judge has ordered Mandalay Bay to stop destroying evidence. This video is brand new dated October 20 2017.

The following video is a very well done investigation on Jesus Campos’:

It seem that Jason Goodman is very suspicious of Jesus.  You must watch this if you have questions about Jesus.  You will be shocked.  Goodman goes into the questions that many of you are asking.
I hope these videos help to shed light on some of the questions you have been asking.
Honestly, I am sick to my stomach, and I pray the Lord Jesus Christ comes back soon.


45 thoughts on “Where Are The Bullet Holes And Broken Glass In The Las Vegas Massacre – Documenting The Evidence.

  1. Great work, Ms. Henley,
    I won’t attempt to go point by point, but offer these for counter-point consideration. Notice this crisis actor from the Dr. Phil show:
    This is one person’s attempt to debunk the Liveleak footage that has victims with eyes open and bright red “fake” blood,
    The field picture does look convincing, but I find it odd that it sounds like Raymond Page took both videos, the one of the field of the victims and the other with his name attached. Sounds like the same voice. Too convenient.
    Just my input

  2. I posted a lengthy response to Ms Henlys proof video and disqus says its spam.
    Did someone tag it that way?
    Does someone not want to read what I wrote?
    If it was not Ruby to whom I replied to that diverted my commentary I say this…
    You cant hide the evidence of a 50 BMG A.P.I.T or Raufus round you sons of bitches…

    • Henry, I did not call anything spam. I do not understand what you call a 50 BMG A.P.I.T or Raufus round….I don’t understand that. But I will make sure you are heard. I am trying to figure how to do that if Disquis is censoring you. Can you private message on Disquis? You seem very knowlegable, and I want to hear what you have to say. I will unblock Andrew, too. Let me think this through. Let me see if you can private message me.

  3. Vegas is a 24/7/365 CCTV Surveillance City. The answers to ALL QUESTIONS about this Incident should have been/were CAPTURED ON VIDEO. From dozens of angles/viewpoints. WHERE ARE THE CCTV VIDEOS? Don’t give Me that “on going investigation” BS! ALL these “WHITE HAT Hackers” out there and WE get nothing? Gee, what about You “Black Hat Hackers”? I Guess they must have some “Hollywood” movie to pirate and this is too much for them to tackle! SAD! Here’s Your chance to make a difference.
    Oh, what what was I thinking 9/11/2001 IS/WAS the best chance to expose the ‘Man” and Hackers did nothing. Why should I or anyone else think they would do something this time? My bad! I know, It’s more fun to brick computers of people who can least afford it. Instead of putting the CCTV Videos ALL OVER THE INTERNET! MAGA!

    • Wow, cold, that is GREAT POST! I don’t how many hackers read my stuff, but you go, man, you go! You are right,,..we need to see those cams….you are right!

  4. 15 hours ago
    Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.
    Ruby, I watched the video PROOF above. I am certain after watching it that the person who made the video has a basic misunderstanding of the sounds bullets make.
    I’ll give you an example if a shooter goes out into a Kansas corn field miles from any obstructions and takes a high velocity rifle round like a 5.56 and fires it straight up into the air it will of course be a loud single crack that is heard from the shooters point of view. If however the shooter is in a room in a city and fires the round horizontally down a street, every time the bullet passes a horizontal surface like a building wall it will reverberate some of the sound back towards the shooting position as it passes the wall….it would be a crack crack crack diminishing in volume as it travels away from the shooter.
    This diminishing sound of multiple cracks would not be registered by the shooter because of the proximity to the muzzle blast and the weakness off the reverberating shockwave, But a bystander parallel to the path of the bullet flight would possibly pick up on it.
    Humans have bi-aural hearing (just like our eyes) to help us distinguish sounds and distances and directions, but Mics on cellphones are a condensing both of those sound inputs (two ears) into a single point.
    The reason I’m saying this is in the video above the maker is “counting the shots” but some of the sounds that they are counting are the down range sonic cracks and some are the muzzle reports. If you accept that the shooter in the Mandalay Bay WAS actually shooting SOME of the rounds (not saying it was Paddock just that there was a shooter there) and that he shot from more than one window, the sounds you hear condensed on the single point mics of the cellphones could certainly be a shooter firing from the same location but shooting at two different directions and the attendant sonic cracks at the cell phones location.
    I would suggest that the Rate of Fire is more concrete a form of evidence to determine if more than one gun was used. An M-16 or AK variant firing in full auto will have a certain cadence…a FN Mag 58/M240 would have a certain cadence. If you can locate a video with its sound that contains the different cadence of the cyclic rate of fire OVERLAPPING each other….presto…..proof, ironclad irrefutable and undeniable.
    Now, don’t get wrapped around the names of the guns, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the overlap of the muzzle reports….NOT the sonic cracks at the target because depending on the speed of the bullet and the varying distance the cadence of the sonic cracks will vary from a single firing point.
    To wit, if a shooter moves his muzzle up 10 inches (a large movement by the shooters standard) the bullet could travel two to four hundred feet further at the target( the further the shooter the greater the difference, it simple trig) so a recording device would have two different time stamps on the impact side but not two different time stamps on the muzzle side.
    Therefore taking all this into account, I’m sorry to say that the video above does very little to prove or disprove the multiple shooter theory.
    As for the ear witness accounts of civilians knowing if the bullets were being fired at them from an elevated position or horizontally, rubbish. There is a reason the courts take such a dim view of “Eyewitness Accounts” when it comes to the courts….ever see “My Cousin Vinny”? The people being shot at would be hearing the sonic cracks whizzing by them but to suggest that in the moment of terror they were all imbued with superhuman hearing to reverse triangulate the trajectory and parabola of bullet drop from incoming rounds? Nope.
    Again, if you want to PROVE two shooters find a video where separate RATES OF FIRE are overlapping.
    I don’t have time nor the inclination to continue yet another “search for the truth” when even if the proof is found, nothing will EVER be done about it. Hillary isn’t going to jail, and Seth Rich is still dead.

    • Henry, you make perfect sense. My last post on the subject was just published. You can look over it and evaluate, and i will take your evaluation as fact. I know you are sincere and I know you are sure of what you are saying, Please take the time to review my just published post….let me get the link.

    • However, if enough rich mad Hollywood couch auditioners continue to go after WineSwine for vengeance and some say there is spillover to Epstein which entails ensnarling the Clintons which bring us to Haiti and human trafficking, Monica Petersen and Podesta’s Spirit Cookin , Hot Dogs and Pizza, WE MAY have justice. Just don’t hold your breath.

        • Ya, I seen that. And he makes no bones of showin he is intimidating the sheriff during the news conferences. Whatever, we do, We MUST keep harpin on the Podesta WikiLeaks emails. Satanic sick pedophilia is exposed and nothin or no one will speak on it. Not even Hannity or Rush!
          No offense, but they say a woman never forgives or forgits, so hopefully this WineSwine stuff will continue to snowball and expose the pedophilia which is really disgusting! I ran into a dead end on Monica Petersen. But I keep throwin it out there every time something on Haiti and/or Clinton and child trafficking come up. Same thing about Seth Rich and the DNC hack!

          • Mac, when you add up all we have researched, but never found answers to, it is a long list. However, we have tried.

  5. There was a bit more but it wouldnt paste.
    Look at rhe photos of the fuel tanks. There is two bullet impacts marked with duct tape.
    They both show a hole with black streaks around the entry point. This is a charicteristic of a bullet with a payload….APIT or Raufus….Is only available in 50 BMG caliber and bigger…
    APIT =Armor Piercing Incindiary Tracer
    Raufus= bullet filled with RDX to explode on impact.
    These are UNMISTAKABLE sigbs a 50 cal was used.
    The tanks are VERY far away from the mandaly bay but well within the range of a 50 cal.
    At that distance a 5.56 would have just bounced off the tank. The diameter of the bullet hole can be seen by looking at the duct tape in the pic. 50 cal= .5 of an inch.

  6. Ill keep posting small posts…..
    Im not saying it was or wasnt fired from the mandaly bay, but no one has mentioned a 50 cal rifle being used….
    If the intent was to “ban guns” this would have been first on the list!
    Also none of the phone vids have the enormous bang a 50 cal makes on them, so possibly used a suppressor( yes they make them for 50 cal rifles.
    The distance to the tanks is more than twice as far as the concert. But the rounds still penetrated the steel tank….

  7. I suspect for a few other reasons that this entire debacle was undertook with the idea of diverting ALL of the Vegas police to this incident…
    What might have been happening across town at that time? Jewel heist? Casino robbery?
    If I wanted to ensure no cops would interfere in my robbery, this is something I might have come up with.
    If steven paddock really wanted to kill as many people as possible…why not fill his plane with gas jugs like Joe Stark and fly into the crowd? Way easier and more effective.
    He doesnt fit the profile of ANY mass murder I am aware of (speculation, not my field) and was most likely shot by the real shooter and left to be found.

  8. As for my speculations they are just that.
    But the photos of the impacts on the fuel tanks…..not speculation.
    I wont post my background here but suffice to say no one would doubt my credentials in this.
    Again, find a video of overlapping muzzle report rates of fire and you prove two shooters.period.
    Why arent they telling us about the 50 cal rifle that was used?
    Another thought….if a “military” m240 was used as some have postulated, the standard load is a tracer every 5th round. Not one person has said they saw tracers so someone would have to have pulled them off the belt (assuming this is what they used) again so no one would trace them back to the firing point.
    I saw a commentator say a m249 might have been used….no. rate of fire on the SAW (m249) is VERY fast…like 1000 to 1100 a min. Average listners would pick up on that in an instant…the ROF was much slower….at least in the videos Ive watched.

    • Again, please consider doing a post on this, and you can email it to me, and I will edit it and get IWB to publish it. You do not have to use your real name.

  9. CNN (whom I do not trust) does report an “inside source” saying they recovered tracer rounds in the hotel room….
    And incindiary rounds fired at fuel tanks.
    So it seems Im not far of the mark…
    If the tracers came off a belt for an M240 (speculation) and the Raufoss rounds were fired from a 50 BMG caliber rifle….
    What happened to these guns?
    They are both large heavy and generally a pain in the ass to move…how were they not mentioned in the weapons recovered from the hotel room?
    Timeline question? If Paddock stopped shooting BEFORE the cops flashbanged him….why? He had ammo and guns and was not planning on survivng, why stop BEFORE the cops made him stop?
    Again, I suspect he was a dead body to be found.

    • As an pilot you KNOW Paddock would NOT fire at the fuel tanks without an incendiary armor piercing round!
      I would have to conclude with you the site was policed up before it was officially opened!
      I’m still stickin to my Jihadi arms deal that got compromised and Paddock was a gubermint contract agent who did weapon stings and laundered money in the casino and perhaps flew drugs for the Agency. He got hung out. That’s what the cameras were for. Was Jesus his backup for the deal? Did the Agency know it was compromised and added to it to wack any certain individuals? Was Paddock past his expiration date? We will most likely never know.

  10. Ruby, you are absolutely right that this was not a hoax. An Arizonian now, I’m from California and relatives there knew personally of some of the deceased. My youngest sister had a high school friend, Traci, whose boyfriend was at the shooting site with his father. He was shot in the arm and his father was killed there. We know of a lady in Murrieta, CA who was shot, but survived and received a settlement of some type, $80,000. Minutes a go received this from a niece: “Hey didn’t mention this yet but my good customer, his daughter was killed in the Vegas shooting. She has 3 kids, ages 2,4 and 10. Very sad.”

    • omg, John, I am so sorry. I know it was literally the killing fields of Las Vegas….I have a video I will list here for you that I have watched several times. It says it all.

      • You are welcome. My husband watched it, and all he watches is TV, he was stunned. He said, why would they turn the lights out when there were people still alive? Why did they not send medics in right away? I think the answer is that they believed the situation was not safe, as the first rule is not to put yourself in danger. However, when they turned the lights out, the shooting had stopped. They could plainly see the heroes still on the field trying so hard to keep some of the victims alive. Now that I have that video, I am simply in shock over the negligence and lack of attention to the remaining victims on the field by the authorities. I a an EMT, and there should have been EMTSs pouring into there after the shots had stopped. I am so perplexed at this point.

  11. A person running for Congress in 2018 could use this massacre as a turning point in American history, by holding those in power accountable to the hidden truths of Vegas. Of course, any candidate like this would be a sure target of the same forces that shot up Vegas. My feeling here is that any person in power who goes along with this obvious cover up shouldn’t be allowed to stay in office and should be voted out. There are certainly plenty of curious constituents NOW after a massacre that shook the emotions of ALL decent-minded Americans. It’s simple- vote for those who want to bring out the truth of Vegas and OTHER crimes like this, crimes that are obviously covered up by the powers-that-be, and boot out ofoffice those who have to know there is a cover up but go along with it anyway.
    It’s time Americans reclaimed some critical power in their lives by getting rid of the liars and the enablers of liars.
    It’s time for people to start filing lawsuits against the corporations that own the mainstream media, for obstruction of justice in being the most instrumental force for hiding the crimes of the powerful.
    It’s time for someone to compile a list of sponsors that support mainstream media and boycott their collective hind ends where it hurts the most- in their wallets!
    Someone threw a big rock in the pond of the American psyche this time(it WAS a psy-op!) and the waves are going to erode the Deep States’ power more than it ever could expect! 58 people dead? With all that shooting into a CROWDED concert venue, with people unaware where the fire was coming from, deaths should have been in the 100’s, so maybe that number was agreeable to keep those “waves” at a minimum, if you know what I mean! Anything seems possible and open to these monsters, especially when they are covered by the USG and its compliant media.
    I will say one more thing. Flash back to the elections and how Soros-funded provocateurs caused trouble by attacking and provoking Trump supporters. I’m sure that among those provocateurs, paid as they were, could be found individuals who wouldn’t mind shooting into a crowd of 22,000 defenseless “deplorables” having innocent clean fun. Hitler said that people will generally not believe a Big Lie because they can’t conceive of that kind of evil in their midst. This naiveté allows evil all the time. Remember Waco- Over 80 innocent women, children and men burnt alive by the FBI/BATF on orders from, you guessed it- Hillary Clinton. The Big Lie.

  12. the 30 cal. belt fed machine gun fired from the helocopter,did a lot of damage too.it should be against the law for the cia/fbi to do that but you will not see that on cnn

  13. I don’t see a single photo of a single bullet hole in your report, just the link back to the Daily Mail propaganda piece on the whole thing. Where are the bullet holes outside the hotel? Hundreds if not thousands of rounds fired at random, yet not a single “souvenir“ photo of bullet holes, in spite of the fact that hundreds or thousands of tourists pass by that area every day. What about the funerals? The largest mass murder in the history of America and not a single funeral has been covered on television? Why not? Seems to me this would be an absolute boon for the sensationalist gun grabber media to further their agenda of gun control? Yet, no coverage of funerals of victims. The entire story is BS and thankfully nearly all of America knows it.

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