Where Are The Bullet Holes And Broken Glass In The Las Vegas Massacre – Documenting The Evidence.

by Ruby Henley
In this report, I am documenting evidence that I have found that shows bullet holes, wounds, and damages from the Las Vegas massacre.  It is my sincere belief this was a bloody killing field like most of us will never see.  Some of you, who are military and have experienced the battlefield of war know what I am saying.  Others, as myself, who are EMTs or medical personnel, also, have experienced firsthand what I believe those in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 experienced.
I know some of you believe this was a hoax, but there is no way you can convince me of this.  I have experienced being next to someone dying of a gunshot wound to the head.  I know the horror of a trauma one will never recover…the nightmares that repeat themselves night after sleepless night.     
As I watched a video below of those on the Las Vegas killing field trying to help the victims, I saw the horrible reality of truth.  No one can convince me this was staged.  However, I will continue to search for further proof of bullet holes and broken glass.

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I will repeat again, this is the killing fields of Las Vegas.
The below picture of a bullet hole was taken from www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4939872/Active-shooter-reported-Las-Vegas-Mandalay-Bay-Resort.html

I don’t have words to describe the hero in the following video.  This man did everything he could to direct those running from the fair grounds to safety.  As you will see, he tries to save a badly wounded man. God bless him.  This footage has not been widely seen.

Video courtesy of Las Vegas Review and Raymond Page: Raymond Page is being heralded as a hero during the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. Page heard the shots and began recording video (for evidence) on his cell phone while running directly in to the danger zone to begin assisting the wounded!
This video is of some of the victims in the hospital by The Dr. Phil Show:
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The following video describes that a judge has ordered Mandalay Bay to stop destroying evidence. This video is brand new dated October 20 2017.

The following video is a very well done investigation on Jesus Campos’:

It seem that Jason Goodman is very suspicious of Jesus.  You must watch this if you have questions about Jesus.  You will be shocked.  Goodman goes into the questions that many of you are asking.
I hope these videos help to shed light on some of the questions you have been asking.
Honestly, I am sick to my stomach, and I pray the Lord Jesus Christ comes back soon.