Here Is The Absolute Mathematical Proof There Were Two Shooters At The Las Vegas Massacre – No Pics Of Paddock – Is It Wrong To Ask Questions?

by Ruby Henley
I admit I was never very good at mathematics in school, but I do understand the meaning of the following video, and if I do, then surely Professional Investigators do, too.  So ask yourself why they have not revealed there were two shooters.
Again I will refer to one of the first reports I did on the Las Vegas Massacre in which I quoted from the real-time audio of the Las Vegas Police Department.  I got slammed for saying there were two shooters.  I don’t think that will happen again after viewing the video below.
SECOND SHOOTING SCENE In The Las Vegas Massacre – Giles And Alibaba – Police Transcript Reveals Much More Than Reported!
CONFIRMED there are at least 2 shooters with fully automatic weapons,” a police officer reported at 18:54 in the recording.
“CONFIRMED – Giles and Alibaba, casualties, East of the Catholic Shrine. SO WE HAVE TWO SCENES!,” said another officer at 38:30 in the recoding, confirming that there were casualties at Giles and Alibaba, a location out of range of Stephen Paddock’s gunfire from the Mandalay Bay.
I made this in honor of those in Vegas who have fallen (IF anyone really did fall).  They deserve an HONEST and thorough investigation !!  I’m going to propose the position of the second shooter – definitely unconventional and SCARY!  “Like” this, share it, mirror it, copy it and load it onto your channel…whatever you have to do to get it out.  Let’s wake some people up!
**If you have videos you think are important, send them to:
Let me know if you want me to mention your name or leave you anonymous.
Published on Oct 9, 2017
In essence, because of the differences in the speed of sound vs. the speed of the bullets from a known cartridge (.223 Remington, in this case), the time lag between the last bullet hitting the pavement and the last audible report of the rifle muzzle can be used to very accurately calculate the range of the shooter.
More importantly, when the audio from the Las Vegas shooting is analyzed, it reveals TWO shooters operating at the same time, not just one shooter. Shooter #1 is operating at 425 – 475 yards, which is consistent with the Mandalay Bay hotel, but shooter #2 is operating at approximately 250 – 270 yards.
After you watch the above videos, you will notice the investigator should be looking for an elevated building in an area exactly where the Catholic shrine is.
HERE IS HIS NEWEST VIDEO, which speaks about a helicopter possibly firing on the crowd and his analysis of that possibility.
There is a business in Las Vegas not far from the concert venue.  There is such a thing as a non-military gunship.  
You need to absolutely look over this.  You are not going to believe this.
QUOTE:  Once you arrive at our hangar outside of Las Vegas, you will enjoy ground simulations and pre-flight mission training before boarding an A-Star 350 Squirrel.
You’ll fly low and fast in the open-door helicopter over 71-acre private shooting range in the Mojave Desert. After taking your seat behind the mounted belt-fed M249 Saw, or take hold of your AR-1, you’ll be shooting at dozens of AR-500 reactionary steel targets scattered throughout the shooting range.
The Gunship Helicopter outdoor shooting range spans 71-acres through the driest desert in North America. Throughout the range, you’ll come upon AR500 reactionary steel targets of several different configurations, challenging your reflexes and shooting accuracy. Grab your rifle and take aim!
The AR-1 is a highly effective automatic weapon designed for the antipersonnel role at a range of 800m and is an analogue weapon to the world famous AK-47 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle. Burst firing has a range of 500m. Skilled marksmen can hit tarkets in the single fire mode up to 700m. The bullet has a lethal range of 1350m.
M249  Saw light machine guns have seen action in every major conflict involving the United States since the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989.  The Saw has an effective range of 700m and a maximum range of 3600m. The M249 provides accuracy approaching that of a rifle, combined with the sustained volume of fire of a machine gun.  END OF QUOTE
In conclusion allegedly we are looking at factors that can help us understand what happened in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.
Now we want to look to see if there are any pics of Stephen Paddock at Mandalay Bay that night.
I can find no pics of Stephen Paddock the night of October 1, 2017 to prove he was there at the Mandalay Hotel.  The only pic out there is the photo of the body inside the room.
I think everyone should see what Snopes is saying about people like me:
The conspiracy theory about the second shooter or multiple shooters partially came from civilians listening to law enforcement radio traffic and taking what they heard at face value — many people we interviewed had been listening to their scanners and said they heard police discussing other possible active shooters. This, they believed, was evidence that Paddock was not alone in his actions that night.
But that is a mistaken assumption, said Bill Flores, a retired assistant sheriff with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. It’s not unusual, in the panic of an unfolding deadly situation, for the public to call in reports of what they see and hear, and dispatchers have to relay those. Then the officers on scene have to determine whether it’s true or not:
In this type of situation where the active shooter is still shooting when the officers arrive, not only do the officers have to consider the possibility of s second shooter but they also have to take care of their own safety as well as the safety of others around them. There’s a whole lot of things that a responding officer has to weigh and consider. They also have an active investigation going on right now even thought the perpetrator’s dead.
It’s clear in the radio traffic and body camera footage that arriving officers were at first both unaware of where the shooting was coming from, but also were unsure how many attackers there were. During an interview with the CBS news program “60 Minutes,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sgt. Joshua Bitsko, who along with three others formed an impromptu strike team to take on the shooter, said:
We’re told that security is taking fire from a suspect on the 29th floor. And that we had other officers that were identifying the suspect was in a room on the 32nd floor. So we’re thinking multiple shooters at this point.
When police initially arrived, they thought there was a shooter was inside the festival grounds, and at another point they thought shots were coming from one of the gates. Later an officer says she couldn’t tell if the shots were coming from Mandalay Bay or the neighboring Luxor hotel. It’s clear they were dealing with multiple gunshot victims, coordinating medical aid and trying to shut down streets around the area to prevent further casualties. At one point, an officer informs dispatch:
We’re making tourniquets out of blankets but I’m running out of blankets here.
Within minutes, however, an officer radioed that he was on the 31st floor and heard gunfire coming from the floor above. Later, they identified the room the shooter was in: Room 135 on floor 32. When they breached the door they found only Paddock’s body inside.
Tricia Garelts, the wife of an LVMPD officer and member of Police Wives of America, was standing near a large memorial of 58 crosses, balloons and flowers near the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign when we interviewed her, handing out water bottles and wearing a T-shirt that read “Overcome Evil.”
She told us it was a mistake to interpret radio traffic as evidence for multiple shooters, because the night was deadly chaos; people were running for their lives and first responders were working against time to stop the shooting and get the wounded to hospitals:
I truly believe if I was a citizen out there and heard different random noises in that situation, it would be easily to perceive that some other situation [than what was actually happening] was going on.
The misinformation being spread, she said, is only causing more fear and anxiety. Of the conspiracy peddlers, she said angrily:
Where were they when [first responders] were out there saving lives? They weren’t out there.
Although it may be too early to say whether loved ones of Las Vegas victims will be harassed to the extent that the families of victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been, Ryan Graney, who represents the family of Victoria Soto — a teacher who died trying to protect her students — said five years later, Internet characters are still on a crusade to prove Soto was not really murdered and the shooting was a “false flag”:
I don’t know what’s missing in their brains, like the empathy center maybe. They think they’re so right, and the government is so out to get them that it’s OK for them to harass these families.
I’m tired of dealing with these people, but I have to — I help the Sotos, but other families don’t have that barrier, and the moms and dads have to read these comments.
These people sit around on their computers and trash talk [victims and their families] and come up with their batshit crazy theories. And they think they’re right. END OF QUOTE
This makes me feel really confused about what I am doing.  I want you the readers to tell me if I should stop reporting on this.  I want to do the right thing.

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81 thoughts on “Here Is The Absolute Mathematical Proof There Were Two Shooters At The Las Vegas Massacre – No Pics Of Paddock – Is It Wrong To Ask Questions?”

  1. The government has planned events like this before, Operation Northwoods:
    Let’s see what the release of the new JFK files say. People would trust the government more and believe these incidents as reported if they weren’t lied to perpetually. Exactly, what is the official motive of Stephen Paddock? Oh, that’s right, they stop giving press conferences or taking any questions. Who are the crazy ones exactly?

        • Hard to say what is real and what is disinformation. In the back of my mind it is hard to conceive the rapid advance in science over the last 50 years without outside assistance.
          Also For our Elites to sell us out lock stock and barrel to the Red Chnese, perhaps THEY are ordered to do so by aliens?
          I don’t think so, but I will NOT rule anything out anymore. It is ALL so Crazy!

    • Agreed — but so far every time they planned events like this, it was for a clear purpose.
      Operation Northwoods was about creating a pretext for invading Cuba.
      9/11 was about creating a pretext for invading Iraq and Afghanistan and introducing fascist legislation (Patriot Act, DHS creation, …) at home.
      The JFK assassination was about EO 11110 and preventing him from de-escalating the cold war.
      The attempted Reagan assassination was about handing the White House to Bush Sr.
      Where’s the motive for this one? (Not saying there is none, but if there is one I haven’t found it, and absent a motive I doubt they did it.)

  2. The audio does *not* prove two shooters. There is no proof that the noises identified as bullet strikes, really are bullet strikes. The audio assumes one kind of cartridge and firearm only, when we know there were more than one. The audio does not consider the potential of echos, or of the location of the recording devices. Locations of the recording devices are important, because they change audio path lengths and thus the lag times.
    A more fruitful inquiry would make careful note of timing of individual shots to uniquely identify shot strings.
    That could separate echos from original shots, and could likely determine if there were overlapping shot strings.
    The hysteria drives clicks, so I doubt this site will stop it.

  3. “This makes me feel really confused about what I am doing. I want you the readers to tell me if I should stop reporting on this. I want to do the right thing.”
    Don’t stop questioning. It is NOT disrespectful to the victims or survivors. Not to question IS!
    It’s like Sheriff Joe Document Posse stating that the SECOND birth certificate Obama presented had 7 or 8 layers of photoshoping. If it didn’t then Sheriff Joe and his 6 or 7 document experts need indicted. If it DID, then you know what needs done! In this case there is speculation that there are two Jesus. Surely with facial recognition it should be easy to disprove quickly, or perhaps confirm!
    The above article is the first I heard about civilian choppers having belt fed machine guns on them. I stand by my original comment that I heard a belt fed machinegun, a M-60 but I would accept a M-249 burst of 50 to 75 rounds continuously. Thanks.
    Also some people stated that they heard several single shots. This made me wonder if anyone in the crowd was earmarked for illumination. One person claimed on a thread that the man in charge of redacting the soon to be released JFK files was killed in Vegas and an organization boy replaced him. THIS IS JUST A BS COMMENT. But please keep your ears and mind open if this is true!
    We KNOW without a doubt it is a Conspiracy due to the extremely mangled time line! What could it be? Most likely a combo of the most obvious. We may NEVER know!

      • Don’t git too excited. I doubt there’s much truth in them or they would NOT be released.
        My guess on JFK is that he got wacked due to EO 11110. Mess with da FED, Ya END up DEAD. The BANKSTERS gave the green light to their enforcement arm, the CIA, to wack em and the Agency was happy to do it because of Kennedy messin with the Dulles Boys.
        They may even had a little MOB action with Ruby since JFK turned his back on da Mob and let his little brother prosecute them. Then u have Hoover who hated JFK and LBJ who supposedly Kennedy was goin to drop off the ticket and indict him for corruption and who knows what else.
        To add some more icing to the cake the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) wanted a war and JFK, my Patron Saint of Special Forces, refused to escalate it to the level they wanted.
        Lastly, I have no research into this, but some claim the Mossad may of contributed since some claim JFK was goin to block Israel from gittin Nukes. So if that isn’t enough to keep ALL parties quite for 50+ years I don’t know what is. No LOL!
        Clinton said he would release ALL JFK and UFO files if elected. He released neither. Nixon, as President on a White House Tape, was talikin to an associate and complaining that he, as President, couldn’t git to see the CIA/FBI records on JFK assassination. So I doubt we will see THOSE records, or that they even still exist.

          • Ruby most likely was a MOB killer and an Agency asset. He ran guns to Castro and now I read Sturgis did also!
            Woman involved? Who? The one who was with carried Sturgis when he positioned the weapons?

          • Ben Gurion ordered the Mossad to kill Kennedy and they set up Oswald because JFK wanted to inspect and stop activities at Dimona. Jack Ruby, real name Jack Rubenstein, was Jewish mafia, and he was paid and family made whole to silence Oswald, the patsy. Ruby admitted it was a conspiracy on his death bed. The CIA was connected as well through Angleston, but the Mossad planned the hit..

          • The CIA buried and of that real evidence. It was and would have never been in a “report.” Does the mob write reports? There may be some connection to Allen Dulles and the CIA, loosely, but the Mossad are ghosts. Ever hear of the USS Liberty?

          • That’s why I was so surprised when I read THEY wouldn’t even release it to President Nixon. Surely ALL the damning evidence was destroyed before ben filed!

          • Ben Gurion ordered the Mossad to kill Kennedy and they set up Oswald because JFK wanted to inspect and stop activities at Dimona. Jack Ruby, real name Jack Rubenstein, was Jewish mafia, and he was paid and family made whole to silence Oswald, the patsy. Ruby admitted it was a conspiracy on his death bed. The CIA was connected as well through Angleston, but the Mossad planned the hit.

    • The REAL JFK story will never come out. I was even friends with Frank Sturgis back in the early 80’s in South Florida and quizzed him about his role and what really happened. He was quite drunk and spoke freely to me as a long time friend and not a bald faced liar that I would have expected him to be. I checked out his info from that talk and everything that could be proven was proven. I can’t divulge what he said to me…but trust me….it’s never going to see the light of day.

        • Ruby honey…..I’ll just let the authors who think they know the story keep on weaving fairy tales and letting folks believe them I am not about to upset the apple cart on this one. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on about this and have yet to find anyone even close to the truth….some get a whiff but nothing substantial…’s too well guarded. Frank died about two years after he told me….his “employers” were not too happy with him and had to make sure he couldn’t talk to anyone again. He did make me promise not to divulge anything either and so far 36 years later I haven’t and won’t.
          Also…if you have a few minutes to kill…. look at this lady’s take on the LV shooting. It will help you understand what happened and how you’ll never come up with any salient information other than what you already have.

      • If you’re still scared you need to write up what he said and send it off anonymously to several JFK conspiracy authors who are close to what he told you. How close was I in throwin it ALL and the kitchen sink in? I figure THEY all must have been involved to keep this secret for 50+ years.
        . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da MItch
        No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

        • I have no intention of ever disclosing what Frank told me to anyone….let alone the jerks now in control of things. I’d like to keep on living…..anyway…..most, if not all of the participants are now dead…so what’s my information going to do? nothing…… I’m not scared…..I feel it’s not worth disrupting the current pretend versions I keep seeing on tv, the internet, etc. Let everyone believe what version they wish to…..

          • I believe the straw that broke the camels back was JFK’s EO 11110. Mesin with da FED is a NO NO. These Satanic Scum are still in power over us all and are workin to establish Satan’s Beast NWO on Earth.
            If I had the worldly knowledge and ability to confront them I would. A few more years on this rock are NOT worth losin eternal life gained by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and Speakin Truth to Power.
            Peace be with ya Sista.

      • I just refreshed my memory with the Sturgis wikipedia write up. That guy did 10 times more than I remembered and I thought no one could have done that much. He did ALL sides every which way but loose! You need to write a story about him and turn it into a book.
        This is great. Sturgis claimed that Ruby saw Castro a week before the assassination and Castro Approved because that was the only way to stop teh invasion, which JFK really did NOT want to invade Cuba. So with ALL the actors I listed above we have Castro and the anti-Casto people ALL working to kill JFK.
        There is a good chance that Ruby (Rubenstien) ran guns to Castro during the revolution. Many speculate that the Agency assisted him.

        • Sturgis DID work for Castro. His real name was Frank Fiorini. Frank was into more stuff than you’d even imagine. At one point he was in something about bribing Federal Judges for criminals to be sentenced…. He had a video rental store in North Miami Beach that he would conduct his business out of. Lots of folks came and went there….looked normal on the outside but in the very backroom a lot of stuff went on…. He had outside video cameras set up to peruse the parking lot and had the cops on the take to protect him.
          Mac….I am not just your ordinary old lady….I’ve met a lot of very famous and infamous folks in my time and went places normal folks never had access to….like Frank’s video store backroom.

      • Ben Gurion ordered the Mossad to kill Kennedy and they set up Oswald because JFK wanted to inspect and stop activities at Dimona. Jack Ruby, real name Jack Rubenstein, was Jewish mafia, and he was paid and family
        made whole to silence Oswald, the patsy. Ruby admitted it was a conspiracy on his death bed. The CIA was connected as well through Angleston, but the Mossad planned the hit.
        Sturgis might have been lying to impress you.

  4. “Where were they when [first responders] were out there saving lives? They weren’t out there.” This is a statement to demean those who would RIGHTFULLY question the official version of this massacre. But who is really doing the victims a disservice, the people wanting the RERAL truth or those who stand by the official version with blinders on? The answer is simple to any decent human being. If your daughter was raped would you not question authorities if they caught the wrong guy and you knew it?
    The strongest evidence that there WERE multiple shooting spots and shooters is the victims testimony, Every witness has stated that they were being shot at from about GROUND LEVEL as the bullets were coming in horizontally and from different points. This is doing the wounded and dead honor, not dragging them through the mud of “conspiracy theory”! If these authoritarian bozos really respect the dead and wounded, they will seek to find the answers that we all want and beg to be addressed simply by the obviousness of the falseness of the official version!

    • Tom if that is the strongest evidence, it is no evidence at all.
      Scared civilians running in the First Graze to First Catch area of the Kill Zone could not possibly be able to reliably determine wether bullets were coming in at them horizontally or from a slightly elevated position.

      • You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. If those bullets flew PAST the people running away from them, without striking the cement somewhere close to them, then by logic the angle of fire was AL LEAST closer to ground level than some high-up hotel window. Hypnotized witnesses may tell the truth as they really saw it, but hypnosis isn’t admissible in a trial as evidence I know. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t GOOD evidence. The same thing goes(I agree with you here) for HYSTERIC witnesses. Hysteria has a way of changing people’s perceptions. But not everyone was running or hysteric, so there are still plenty of reliable observations that COULD be considered as “good evidence”. I don’t care about the legal value of any evidence, just the preponderance of it.

        • Tom, yes if 1000 witnesses saw a blue 6 foot tall bunny rabbit with a cigar and 2 people saw a BLM protester I would not arbitrarily discount the blue bunny ( thinking of ice cream here ), but having been fired at from both regular and suppressed rifle rounds I can tell you with out a doubt that the snap crackle and pop is hard to decipher when your sitting quietly and waiting for it.
          Our ears are only 10 inches apart or so…the abiloty to determine direction of a sound comes from the difference in our ears picking up the slight delay.
          I am suggesting that if the Mandaly Bay was 300 to 500 yards away with a 5.56 the bullets would have been coming in over the targets heads at not that steep an angle. We know he pulled the tracers so its not like they could see the line of fire.
          I still havent seen anything that proves to me that the Mandaly Bay wasnt the only location for the shooter….
          Did you see the pics and read the posts i made about the fuel tanks?
          I have given this as thorough a wringing out as I am prepared to. Never said I trust the Govt or the official story…..just the balistics.

  5. Don’t stop questioning it. For the sake of the victims and their families, the truth must be uncovered.
    Now as for what the truth is, I’m still not sure, so far no evidence I’ve seen is conclusive. (The audio is interesting, but does it account for echos? Or the fact that the audio might have been edited before the people analyzing it got it? Shots that might have been fired by law enforcement and armed people trying to take out the shooter?)
    There are some oddities (audio, Mandalay Bay CEO selling off stock just before, difficulty getting all those guns to that hotel room, …), but there’s no real smoking gun (like the WTC7 collapse, molten steel, pre-announcements and various others on 9/11), and so far nobody has jumped in to really take advantage.
    If they had come out saying “The shooter had ties to Iran, now we’re invading Iran” or “The shooter was North Korean, time to launch some nukes their way”, that would instantly convince me it was a false flag.
    But at least so far, no such thing has happened – so who really benefits? While there have been some calls for grabbing all guns, not even that has received any serious attention. It doesn’t look like anyone is benefiting (and the people at large still believe what the corporate media is telling them, so I don’t think it’s a case of “They did it to create a pretext for invading Iran, but then called it off because nobody believed them”), so why would they have done it?
    Absent a motive (which might still show up — maybe it was all about taking down one of the victims, and the whole event around it was staged to make sure the intended victim’s death doesn’t get attention?), I’m inclined to think that the official story is likely true (or close to true) and people are overreacting because we’ve been lied to so many times that not being lied to is an exception rather than the rule.
    But that does not mean we should stop questioning it. We must get to the truth even if in this particular case the truth turns out to be what they’re saying it is.
    It’s better to ask a question and get an answer confirming the official story than to not ask a question.

    • I “feel” each time I watch the video of the young man, who is going through the field begging for EMTs, trying to assess himself, I truly “feel” a sense of a killing field. When Aldean fled the stage the lights were out, but when they turned the lights on, it was as if some evil entity was saying, “yeah, now I can see it go down.” I “feel” that this was some type of Illuminati sacrifice so far above what normal people can even begin to comprehend. The surroundings, the blatant disreguard for life, the fences closed, not enough exits, and no responsibility shown by the parties in charge…no attempt to save the victims….not that we have seen. Not for one minute do I believe the official story, and I do not think we will ever be able to grasp the truth as humane beings. However, I feel those of us who are empathetic and in tune with God will “feel” the truth.

  6. His video is very good but essentially flawed as he does not take into acount the different sounds and speeds of multiple calibers….
    Here is a link to a pic.

  7. The more research I have done, and the simple fact that ALL of it has not conclusively resulted in a second shooters position leads me to think that it is just mass confusion that has led to all of this.
    Im not saying Paddock was guilty or innocent, but the windows broken out are in line with both targets….so my guess is the room at the Mandaly Bay WAS the location for the firing point.
    The shooter used multiple weapons, we already know this…
    He used multiple calibers…..we know this.
    No other OBVIOUS second site evidence has emerged.
    Occams Razor and all….
    Now was he alone, when did he shoot himself or why….dunno.
    Ruby its not disprespectful to ask questions. It is disrespectful to accuse others asking questions of being trolls.
    I still believe your map reading abilities need help, but you definately have persistance.
    Let us not forget that Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsy Street Irregulars broke the story of Fast and Furious….NOT CNN, ABC OR CBS OR FOX!
    In case you are curious Henry Bowman is the main character in John Rosses Unintended Consequences.. (the second greatest book ever written depending on religious prefrences:)

    • Interesting, Henry, thank you for explaining. I can be sensitive sometimes when I should not be. I know that you have expertise few have, and I know you are not a troll. I believe you are educated and trained to do this. However, cops use their gut instinct to some extend, and that is what I am doing. Although, I am a layman, I am one who is sincere with a keen sense of right and wrong. My training is medical and EMT. I have many questions on the lack of responsibility in this horrific “killing field” and lack of immediate attention to the victims laying in that venue being unattended while they helped one another. The lack of preparation by those in charge is absolutely inexcusable. The fact that there seems to be no video footage from the massive number of cams that had to be there is suspicious. The fact that Paddock was supposedly downstairs gambling right before he was upstairs shooting makes no sense. There should be video footage of him doing this from the Mandalay. The fact that a judge just ordered the Mandalay to quit destroying evidence should tell us something is being covered up.

      • Since you direct a part of this at me specifically I want to again point out that I was in no way trolling. I was attempting to assist with factual information that you seemed to have confused in your previous article.
        In that article you posted a map in the comments of a location called Ali Baba that was something like 5-7 miles away. Can’t remember the specifics but it was something like that. What I was attempting to show you was that Giles and Ali Baba is an intersection at the concert venue. Well within the range and one of the main escape points for people running out of the venue.
        This was not trolling. All I asked of you was to google the concert venue and look at the area immediately east to see what I was referring to. The Shrine was located at that spot. I still don’t understand how you took it as an attack on you when it was an attempt to help you understand the information you were reporting on. I still don’t know after all of that if you did take the time to just look at what I was referencing to see that Giles and Ali Baba was literally the concert venue where everyone was shot.
        This will be my only comment here on the subject. Please, if you really are interested in truth and fact look at what I’m mentioning. Just give it an objective look and you will see what I was referring to.

  8. “Is It Wrong To Ask Questions?”
    Have you noticed two things about all these False Flags?
    1) There is never a complete SIGNED Crime Report released to the public.
    2) There is never a TRIAL of any sort where full EVIDENCE must be presented in open court.
    It looks like there MIGHT be a trial here.
    Watch how it is SETTLED without a trial.

  9. Yes it is wrong to ask questions especially when the FBI and the NSA tell the public BLS every time . People do not know that the FBI and all the alphabet soup agencies lies for our own good ! ah , ah, ah . The massacre , we are told was made by a lone wolf , even though the signs are that a certain government agency organized it . After been deceived many times with fake terrorist acts like the shoe bomber and people with low IQ being conned to perform terrorist acts ………nobody believe anymore the Bulldust propagated by government agencies .

    looks to me like they were truthful in their description. If this is a 308 caliber incendiary fired from the other window of the Mandalay Bay it would also explain the huge distance between the hits…it was a very long shot.
    But my initial impression that this was a 50 caliber rifle seems to be disproved. I am basing this on a guess that the duct tape used was 2 inches in width.
    And I’m no computer whiz….
    Again Occam’s Razor applies….if this tiny detail works out as they have said (an it is a tiny detail) then perhaps the other larger pieces of the puzzle are true as well, even if we can’t see it yet…
    I still reserve judgement on the official story, but unless someone finds audio recording of overlapping muzzle reports with different rates of fire, I’m leaning towards a single shooter from the 32nd floor.
    Another point to consider, if there was a second shooter with a belt fed M240 (or equivalent) firing at the crowd from a closer point the death toll would have been MUCH MUCH higher.


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