WHERE STIMULUS REALLY GOES: Over 1,000 Baltimore School Officials Make Over $100K, Despite Low Test Scores

Exactly 1,307 employees in a Baltimore, Maryland, school district are making over $100,000 per year, despite low test scores, enrollment, and graduation rates, according to a report from Project Baltimore.

Baltimore City Schools CEO Dr. Sonja Santelises is the district’s highest-paid employee, making $339,000 a year, up $22,000 in the past three years. The highest-paid teacher in Baltimore last year made $156,601. The median teacher salary was $73,592.

“Taxpayers aren’t getting their bang for their buck,” said David Williams of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. “When you talk about someone making more than $300,000 a year, and you have graduation rates going down, you have college enrollment going down … there’s something very wrong in Baltimore.”

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“Taxpayers want their money to be performance-based and make sure that kids are getting a good education and it’s not being wasted on administration or teachers that are underperforming.”

Hundreds of students who failed nearly all of their classes were promoted by the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts, a school in west Baltimore. Two students in the entire school tested “proficient” in math and English in 2019. The school’s graduation rate is 48%.

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One of the Augusta Fells students in the report passed three classes during his four years in high school and earned a grade-point average (GPA) of 0.13. His transcripts show he is ranked #62 of 120 in his class, which means 58 students have a GPA less than or equal to 0.13.


this is where most of the stimulus really goes, to underachievers and politicians that can run their own finances




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