While funding costs are declining, they are failing to stimulate investment and durable good demand, due to a reluctance to make longer-term commitments amid the current uncertainty

Could Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Actually Save Us?: Peak Prosperity

The problem is we’re misallocating capital, resources and labor on a vast scale. That’s the problem. Adding more currency and capacity/”growth” via programs like MMT doesn’t fix this problem; it actually makes it worse.

Why the U.S. Economy’s Bumpy Ride Is About to Get Bumpier

The U.S. economy has hit a lot of bumps in the road lately and the way forward is unlikely to get any smoother.

Wholesale Inventories Tumble In September, Confirm GDP Growth Slowdown

This reversal mimics the hangover after 2013/2014’s inventory-stacking surge…

U.S. Repo Market Tracker

Repo Rates: Rates stabilize as average daily intervention inches up to $84bn during the week. Fed recalibrates intervention: daily up to $120bn from $75bn and term up to $45bn from $35bn.

Fed to Cut Rates Again, But What Comes After That?: Economy Week

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is expected to deliver the third straight U.S. interest rate cut this week – but the real news will be if he signals the end…

US wholesale inventories for September (P) -0.3% versus 0.3% estimate




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