While People Were Freaking Out Over 'Sh*thole', Dems Were Proving Their Corruption

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by Daniel Carter
Recently, the mainstream media went absolutely bonkers over a comment President Trump made about certain underprivileged countries. Specifically, in an oval office meeting regarding US immigration policy, Trump allegedly referred to Haiti and other African countries as “shitholes.” Several people attending the meeting, including Trump, have debated what was actually said. That hasn’t stopped the media from rigorously attacking Trump over the alleged comments.
First, is America still so puritanical that we are driven into a frenzy when we hear profanity? The mainstream media sure thinks so. Puritanism has waxed and waned in America since before it officially became a nation. In the 80’s and 90’s, there was a huge push from the religious right for more political correctness. Now the push for political correctness comes almost entirely from the left, and the mainstream media knows this. They can easily bait emotional leftists into going along with the Deep State agenda by making an argument in favor of political correctness.
Furthermore, where was the leftist outrage when presidential administrations of the past were obliterating the African nations they supposedly care so much about? When Obama was president, they didn’t make a sound because they weren’t given the cue from mainstream media. God forbid they care more about actions than words.

All the absurdity surrounding Trump’s comments does not even compare to the absurdity of what the media was trying to distract us from: democrat corruption. While all the hysteria was taking place, there was a bipartisan effort in Congress to hand more surveillance power to the executive branch. The effort was led by powerful democrats such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and member of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff. Keep in mind, these are the same people that have suggested that Trump was colluding with Russia to win the election. Now, they are handing Trump the power to surveil US citizens without a warrant.

If democrats truly believed that Trump was a puppet of Putin, why would they vote to give him the immense power of warrantless surveillance? That would be giving Putin much more power by proxy. By examining the actions of the democrats, instead of their ridiculous rhetoric, we can clearly see their Russia collusion narrative is losing even more credibility. We can also see how they and their accomplices in the media distract us from important issues.
Whatever your opinions are on Trump, giving the president more surveillance power is an awful thing to do. Imagine it being used by a president you absolutely despise. This is more likely to become a reality than not. The surveillance power of the US government is an egregious violation of our human rights, and it’s only getting worse thanks to republicans and hypocritical democrats. Whenever the media has their outrage dial turned up to the degree that it was after Trump’s “shithole” comments, look for the crucial stories they are distracting you from.

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2 thoughts on “While People Were Freaking Out Over 'Sh*thole', Dems Were Proving Their Corruption

  1. If he said it and it has not been proven, maybe he should have said turd world nations. How sad we condemm before trial and without proof. We are a nation of laws, a constitutional republic, and no one should be punished without benifit of trial and proof. Look at all these women accusing men of actions done years ago coming out of the woodwork now. without any trial or proof, these mens lives are pretty much destroyed. Perhaps the best thing would be to tell the women, were going to take the man to trial, and if he is found innocent then you will be executed for false witness and lets see how many say OK.

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