Whistleblower: EPA Falsifies Risk Assessments of Dangerous Chemicals for Quick Approval

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by Chris Black

So you mean to tell me that government institutions are corrupt? It’s a good thing the FDA and CDC aren’t this corrupt, otherwise I might have a few questions about this whole coronavirus thing.


The Guardian:

Whistleblowers say the US Environmental Protection Agency has been falsifying dangerous new chemicals’ risk assessments in an effort to make the compounds appear safe and quickly approve them for commercial use.The depth of it is pretty horrifying,” said Kyla Bennett, New England director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a non-profit whose attorneys are representing the four scientists. “I don’t sleep at night knowing what I know from the whistleblowers.”

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The charges also reveal how management has systematically undermined scientists while working to quickly rubber-stamp dangerous chemicals as safe for use by industry and in consumer products. The managers in question are employees rather than political appointees, making the situation more difficult to address because they don’t turn over with a new administration, Bennett said.

The alterations to risk assessments mostly involved the deletion of health hazards without the authors’ knowledge after assessments were submitted.


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