Alex Berenson Finally Banned After Viral COVID Tweets

by Chris Black

This was his last tweet. He was banned for questioning vaccine dogma basically, even if he said the exact same things the CDC/various .gov authorities are saying. So, Berenson was banned for saying that the mandates are insane.

Here’s the deal about vaccine theory: the entire premise that you can inject “dead” virus into your system and initiate an immune response is faulty. 

There is no point for your body to create antibodies to fight something that isn’t active. 

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In fact, the injection of “dead” pathogens actually makes one more susceptible to the infection. The most common side effect of the Chicken Pox vaccine is getting Chicken Pox. The vaccine also doesn’t prevent shingles. In reality, there is absolutely no point in the Chicken Pox vaccine unless you want to weaken your child’s immune system.

Almost every child who has been infected with measles in the United States over the last decade was immunized for the disease. The polio vaccines spread polio for over a decade after the disease was almost wiped out.

The flu vaccine does the exact same thing. It doesn’t prevent the flu, it makes a person more susceptible to infection. Natural immunity through being exposed to disease is the only way the immune system gets stronger.


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