Mother of Fallen Marine Rylee McCollum BLASTS Biden: “Feckless, Dementia Ridden Piece of Crap!”

by Chris Black

Biden is a communist plant, a Manchurian candidate elected in a fake election process.

Saying that, with all due respect, it wasn’t Biden that killed the young Marine, it was HIS decision and love for the core to go and serve, and because of his choices he died. What if was a case of some mission in deep Afghanistan or something else, would the mother blame the commander officer or something?

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Saying all that, our downfall in America is the blind love for the military complex, which comes with strings. One thing is the military knowledge and life style, another is to serve insane Governments.

The day when America abandoned the free local militias in favor of a national invading standing army was the day America became an instrument of Evil.



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