White House EXPLOSIVE Press Briefing with Sarah Sanders on President Trump

White House July 18, 2018 – EXPLOSIVE Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders after President Trump Clarifies Remarks at HISTORIC Summit with Putin. A nation in turmoil from exposing corruption and lies at the highest levels in government. The Trump administration has fallen into a web of corruption that was supposed to continue under the Hillary Clinton administration. Since the upset, there are those who fear exposure and are doing whatever is necessary to keep the Trump investigations and changes in laws to expose corruption from moving forward. Never in the history of the United States has a incoming presidential candidate and family been so targeted with hatred and words of treason. Never have the American people seen or heard such outrageous statements from the past administration about the current administration. Clearly it shows that the American people never had any leadership before the Trump administration. The U.S. government was working for the corporations and banks and had forgotten the people. The Trump reversal in that has stirred things up and many aren’t happy about the return of power to the people to help “Make America Great Again”!

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