White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – Voice of Transparency Trump Promised

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by Thinker

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is changing the image of women in politics. For the first time that I can remember, the White House Press room is filled with transparency and “REAL” information on what is happening in government! Reporters have come and gone, and those that were there to try to disrupt, and unsettle Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been surprised at what they have found. A woman who has more confidence than more men in politics than I’ve seen in a long time, and for sure at the top for Press Secretaries. When you see children that have grown up like Sarah, you have to look at who raised her. Your children are in many ways a reflection of your efforts to make them better than you were or wanted to be. For the parents of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, everyday she speaks I think about all the time they gave her to have the results we see today.

One Great Woman!

I don’t watch television, and don’t know how anyone can spend so many hours on mindless shows, when what is around them is electrifying, stimulating, and educational. This is one of the most exciting times the U.S. has experienced in a long time and the vibration that seemed to be going down, is now rising up under the Trump administration. Never before have the American people had such transparency from a president, or a press secretary who has no “FEAR” of any reporters questions. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is she the past life fraternal twin of Trey Gowdy? Between the two of them and the Trump family, their Youtube videos and stories are above anything Hollywood could put out. Want to really know what is happening in America? Turn off your television and just tune into Sarah Huckabee Sanders and I promise you, you won’t get bored! Reporters that want to take hits with stupid questions, better prepare for the embarrassment with the reply that usually is one of the most eloquent verbal slaps in the face, Ive ever seen. Fill the world with women like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and it can’t help but be a better world for the children. Thank you Mrs Sanders for showing up for the people who many have yet to awaken. Thank you for the words that come from an honest heart. May our Creator bless you and your family for putting up with those who don’t know yet, what an asset you are to “OUR” government.

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Truth is spilling over the edges from an administration that wasn’t voted in by the people, but by “Divine” intervention. Everything pointed to a Democratic Hillary Clinton victory and so things like the flawed immigration system, the massive drugs coming over the border weren’t even thought about. Now that the Trump administration has taken office, they are seeing the corruption and the misuse of taxpayer dollars and paperwork not shredded that proves it.

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Michele Bachmann On Donald Trump’s Victory ‘The Lord Did This’

Past administrations scrambling to coverup the fraud and deception under the Obama/Clinton administration. It’s to late! The ball started rolling when 1% of Clinton’s emails were released by Wikileaks and exposed a man no one knew (John Posdesta) and the term Pizziagate. (Elite child sex parties) Now the husband of Hillary Clinton’s aid is in prison, and what was on his phone changes the world along with the tape that the NYPD holds in its evidence room.

“No possibility Trump could be president.” “It will never happen!” Interview to validate that the Illuminati even admit it was the Creator of “ALL” things giving the people another change to learn to find peace and love. Wake up world!

World change starts with you and what you say and do!


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