White House Turns Away Reporter From Chinese Owned Network

White House Turns Away Reporter From Chinese Owned Network After His Temperature Was Taken 3 Times Before President Trump’s Press Briefing

Alex Salvi

NEW: The White House is taking the temperatures of people before entry to press briefings.

A journalist was denied entry after their temperature was above the CDC guidelines of 100.4 degrees.

They were checked 3 times over span of 15 minutes; all came back high.

Alex Salvi

This is the journalist turned away from the White House press briefing for having a fever.

He’s from the outlet CGTN—an English language channel that is Chinese owned.

In an effort to keep members of the coronavirus task force as well as President Trump safe, the White House is now taking the temperatures of people before they enter press briefings.

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Today, a journalist working for CGTN- an English speaking network owned by China, was tested three times before he was denied entry for exhibiting a body temperature of over 100.4 degrees. According to One America News Network host, Alex Salvi, the journalist was tested three times over a span of 15 minutes, and each time his temperature registered above the CDC guidelines, making him ineligible to enter the briefing.



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