Why are Western Powers Against a UN Investigation on the Alleged Bucha Massacre?

by Chris Black

Bellingcat nerd and CIA tool Elliot Higgins wants to collect the best “debunks” of Russian statements on the Bucha “massacre.” Why not instead just support the independent UN investigation that Russia has called for?

I can only speculate. But if experience is any guide, Bellingcat doesn’t want an actual investigation because they’d prefer to do their typical tortured analysis of grainy internet video that just so happens to vindicate the US government narrative and contradict the official investigation every time.

Bellingcat were shown to be lying over and over about chemical attacks by the OPCW investigations in Syria.

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About the Bucha massacre, I’m just going to say it: I believe the Armed Forces of Ukraine did it.

The AFU have used civilians as human shields in multiple locations, most infamously in Mariupol. The AFU have shot at Mariupol civilians who tried to escape from their clutches. The AFU have lied repeatedly (Ghost of Kyiv, 13 on Snake Island, etc.), as well as made fake combat videos for propaganda purposes. The AFU have tortured and murdered prisoners of war. The AFU have kidnapped, tortured and murdered Ukrainian journalists and Ukrainian politicians.

Discussion about Bucha Massacre:

It feels like deja vu. Just five years ago it was claimed without proof that Assad gassed his own people as his troops left Khan Shaykhun. When the facts came out about the event, the truth was quite different. Today Russian soldiers are being blamed for a slaughter of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. They have been tried and convicted in all Western capitals and in the media, yet there has been no investigation. Anything is possible, of course, but what if they got it wrong again? Will anyone care? Also today, Musk takes a seat at Twitter – will it return to a free speech platform?


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