Looks Like the Feds Snuck in Their “Domestic Terrorism” Law After Al.

by Chris Black

The Anti-Lynching bill passed recently enhances the ability to prosecute people for “conspiracy” to commit “hate crimes.”

Conspiracy laws are a classic means for persecuting political opposition. The Soviet Union relied on conspiracy and anti-terrorism laws very similar to the ones we have in America to crush regime critics.

In practice, the meme “gas the ks” could be charged as conspiracy to murder Jews by a career climbing federal prosecutor.

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I’m done being outraged by these attacks on our rights. Heighten the contradictions.

Just like they’re sanctioning too many countries, the amount of censorship and repression is impacting too many people.

No government that oppresses normal people to this extent can last very long. All it takes is for a critical mass of people to refuse to let Jews control their speech and thoughts to roll right over them.


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