Why Buy a Gun? – ICE Released 19,723 Illegal Aliens with Criminal Records

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‘You released 19,723 illegal aliens with criminal records’, Buddy Carter blasts ICE Director Saldana
This is the reason gun owners keep buying more guns – criminal actions by those who are supposed to protect seem to be destroying a nation – a new world order plan? Letting criminals on the streets of American is a crime against humanity and now there are those that want to know why!
Politician for truth Trey Gowdy is opening the doors of corruption and lies, as one high ranking official after another steps down. Trillions of dollars spent to supposedly secure a nation, but still anyone can cross its borders. Where did the money go and the $680 million dollar increase to DHS/ICE?
Trey Gowdy is looking for it and anyone who isn’t doing their job as promised for the American people.

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How do you keep money coming in to immigration department? Let them all go and catch them again?
Cat and mouse? – Release and Catch? How many of the released criminals are part of the new world order to create order out of chaos? Trey Gowdy DESTROYS Smug Mayor Over 20,000 Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records Released



6 thoughts on “Why Buy a Gun? – ICE Released 19,723 Illegal Aliens with Criminal Records

  1. Who are they kidding? 19K is just a one block area in LA alone with criminal illegals!!!! There is probably a few million criminal aliens in this country!!!

  2. the orange clown and tillerson are letting in somalis illegals every day flying them in at night, to avoid detection, and turning them loose immediately with medicare, welfare, ,housing ,and without any VETTING ,they are carrying diseases to spread here, STOP THIS TREASON NOW,,,,,,,,,,,

      • hey asswipe im an independent not a repuke like you gay fairies, if the orange clown shit on your head , you would eat it, you should really go back to mexico ,where you filth came from, you are human trash………

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