The Best Example Of Fake News I Have Ever Read!

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by Pamela Williams
The following article is the best example of fake news I have ever read.
The following is a quote from the article:
1.Rather than relieve the pressure, Mr. Trump’s decision to fire Mr. Comey has generated an even bigger political and legal threat. In his anger at Mr. Comey for refusing to publicly disclose that the president was not personally under investigation, legal experts said, Mr. Trump may have actually made himself the target of an investigation.
President Trump had every right to fire imposter James Comey to save the highest police agency in the United States from further being dragged through the dirt by the cowardly and lying James Comey.
Further James Comey should have let the American people President Trump was not being investigated by the FBI.
2.In a Capitol Hill hearing room, the astonishing tableau unfolded of a former F.B.I. director accusing the White House of “lies, plain and simple” and asserting that when the president suggested dropping an investigation into his former national security adviser, “I took it as a direction.”
Comey was not given a direct order by President Trump to cease the investigation into General Flynn.  He simply made a comment to James Comey during a conversation saying “Flynn was a good man,” which is true in my opinion.  This was also the OPINION OF PRESIDENT TRUMP…NOT THE ORDER THAT JAMES COMEY IMAGINED IT TO BE.
Further President Trump said he HOPED Comey could “let it go,” but in no way did he tell James Comey to cease the investigation.  If Comey could not handle a conversation with the President of the United States without understanding the difference between “direct orders” and  “conversation”, he was not fit to lead the FBI.  Nor was he fit to mentor new FBI agents.  Even further he was obligated by law to report any suspicion he had to his senior official under the law of:
If Comey believed that any conversation he had with Trump constituted obstruction, he was obligated to report the offense to his superior (See 18 U.S.C. Section 4).
18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
US Code
Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
3. “This was a devastating day for the Trump White House, and when the history of the Trump presidency is written, this will be seen as a key moment,” said Peter H. Wehner, who was White House adviser to President George W. Bush. “My takeaway is James Comey laid out facts and was essentially encouraging Mueller to investigate Trump for obstruction. That’s a huge deal.”
In fact, it was a legal victory for the Trump White House!  James Comey identified himself as the leaker of forbidden knowledge to outside sources; therefore, unmasking certain individuals and spreading unproven rumors to outside sources.  Again this is another penalty punishable by law.  It is a federal crime, and offers a 20 year jail sentence.
In no way has it been proven President Trump obstructed justice.  In fact, the truth is James Comey obstructed justice by letting Hillary Clinton walk free and allowing the leaking of American classified documents to be revealed to foreign nations.
4.Washington has not seen a spectacle quite like this since the days of Watergate, Iran-contra or President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Whatever the controversies under Mr. Bush and President Barack Obama, neither was ever accused of personal misconduct by a current or former law enforcement official in such a public forum. Indeed, Mr. Comey highlighted the difference by noting that he had never taken notes of his conversations with either of those presidents because he trusted their basic integrity, but he did write memos about each of his one-on-one encounters with Mr. Trump because “I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting.”
Oh, this is just funny!  So Comey trusted the basic integrity of Bill Clinton?  This just proves James Comey has been bought and paid for by the Clinton mafia, as Bill Clinton is a known liar.  Remember:  “I never had sex with that woman.”  When, in fact, she was under the desk in the White House Oval Office on her knees more than once servicing Bill Clinton’s sexual perversions.  Ah, you may say technically that is not having sex, but if you do, you are looking for excuses to cover-up a definite sexual act.
The worst aspect of this act by Bill Clinton is the fact he used the White House Oval Office to fulfill his betrayal to the American people….not to mention his wife and daughter.  What a family!  But James Comey lied to protect them, because he was connected financially to the Clinton Foundation from which he received millions of dollars.  Therefore, James Comey is also guilty of taking bribes.
The defense on Thursday was left to Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Marc E. Kasowitz, who selectively used Mr. Comey’s testimony, disputing the damaging parts while citing the parts he considered helpful. He denied that the president had ever asked Mr. Comey for loyalty or to let go of the investigation into Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser. But he cited Mr. Comey’s statement that the president himself was not under investigation at the time the F.B.I. director was fired.
He also assailed Mr. Comey for leaking details of his conversations with the president to prompt the appointment of a special counsel, although they were not classified. “It is overwhelmingly clear that there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting to undermine this administration with selective and illegal leaks of classified information and privileged communications,” he said. “Mr. Comey has now admitted that he is one of these leakers.”
Tellingly, the Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee paid no heed to the talking points distributed in advance by the Republican National Committee at the behest of the White House. Instead of attacking Mr. Comey’s credibility, as the R.N.C. and Donald Trump Jr. did, the Republican senators praised him as a patriot and dedicated public servant. They largely accepted his version of events, while trying to elicit testimony that would cast Mr. Trump’s actions in the most innocent light possible.
End of article.
I think the testimony of James Comey proved nothing but James Comey is a liar and has led our Country down a path of destruction.  He fell in love with his power, living the high life, and siding with Hillary Clinton in making a mockery of the United States Judicial System.  Lock him up now!

President Trump’s attorney, Marc Kasowitz, disputed some of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday. Watch his full statement here.
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7 thoughts on “The Best Example Of Fake News I Have Ever Read!

  1. In addition to “trusting the basic integrity of Bill Clinton”, he must have trusted the basic integrity of George W. Bush — who is known to have lied about Iraq’s WMDs, 9/11, and just about everything else.
    Apparently the more you lie, the more Comey “trusts your basic integrity”.
    Dear Mr. Comey: Just for you, 1+1=9. Bush was a great president and didn’t have anything to do with 9/11. Trump is far more evil than Hitler, Stalin and Hitlery Clinton combined. Water is poisonous. Assad is using a very poisonous gas called “air” to kill his opponents. Putin is a terrorist, a Nazi and a Communist and stole the 2016 election. Hitlery Clinton is a godess and everyone calling her Hitlery should face torture. Now that I have your trust, please send me some of the millions the Clinton Foundation gave to you – you can “trust” me to return them (if I ever feel like it).

    • Oh, send me some, too, Comey. I know you always try to do the right thing, as you are the most honest leaker of classified information alive, oh, wait….sorry, I forgot about Hillary. I think she is even a more honest leaker than you are. Sorry, Comey she has you beat. Remember when she leaked the names of agents in the field, and you let her go scott free? I know it was difficult for you to do that, but I know you woke up in the middle of the night hearing a voice telling you to do so. You always do what the voices in your head tell you to do. Right thing to do.

  2. Even if Trump had directed Comey to drop the investigation (though he did not), it would not be illegal. The president has every right to tell the FBI director which investigations to continue and which to drop.

    • But Comey flat out lied!
      Had he perceived it to be an instruction, he had several courses of action.
      1) Confirm with his boss AAG Mueller that he had received the instruction and confirm that he would comply.
      2) Ask AAG to confirm with Sessions and Trump that he had correctly interpreted the instruction.
      3) (What we always did with verbal instructions from clients or bosses) Confirm in writing to Trump that the instruction was given and state the course of action to confirm that it was correctly understood.
      4) Ask Trump to put the instruction in writing.
      5) Put in writing that he felt unable to carry out the instruction and the reasons why he felt unable to do so.
      6) If he felt that the instruction was unlawful, then put in writing to Sessions or AAG, and request and investigation of an unlawful activity.
      Failing to take any of these actions means that Comey did not in fact think it was an instruction, and therefore flat out lied under oath.
      With regard the memo that was leaked, he stated that the memo was discussed with his colleagues and that it was retained by the FBI on his leaving. Yet he also stated that he felt it was a ‘personal’ memo and therefore he could pass it to a ‘friend’ even though he himself did not retain a copy.
      If it was ‘personal’ then why did he leave a copy with the FBI. If it was official, then he was not permitted to release it to outsiders.
      He knew that all conversations in the Oval office are confidential unless permission is granted by the WH. Therefore he also knew that, memo or not, he could not lawfully disclose such confidences without prior agreement.
      He constantly repeated how great and independent the FBI is and that he has full confidence in them, then why would he want an ‘Independent Investigator’?

  3. If Bush Sr had let Casper Weinberger go on trial and blow the lid off Iran/Contra, he would have been impeached. So he brought his Mena drug partner (Bill Clinton) in to be President. Now President Trump is caught up in a TURF WAR between the Clinton Crime Family (Comey) and the Bush Crime Family (Mueller) and, instead of the Clinton’s taking over the Bush/Clinton Crime Family with Hillary (Comey) like they planned, they’ve had to RE-UNITE against TRUMP using Mueller/Comey to save the Bush/Clinton crime family and try to stop President Trump from draining their “criminal” swamp. It’s just that simple.

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