Major News Breaking Today, June 9, 2017 – Comey Investigation – Oh Yeah!

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by Pamela Williams
We are in the middle of several breaking news stories.  President Trump is getting ready to speak. Comey investigation?  Watch now.
President Donald Trump Holds Press Conference With Romanian President Klaus Iohannis | LIVE………………
Where Does Comey’s Testimony Lead Us Now?  Investigation?  Oh, Yeah.

Trump’s private attorney, Marc Kasowitz, will file a complaint with the Inspector General’s office at the Department of Justice:
President Donald Trump’s outside attorney plans to file a complaint against former FBI Director James Comey with the Justice Department Inspector General and the Senate judiciary committee, two sources with knowledge of the situation told CNN.
The complaint will focus on Comey’s testimony that he gave a friend the content of memos about his conversations with Trump and asked the friend to then give that information to a reporter. Comey said Friday that he gave the friend — later identified as Daniel Richman, a longtime Comey confidante and Columbia University professor — the information after Trump tweeted that he may have tapes of his conversations with the fired FBI director.
This is the best news I have heard in a long time!
President Trump’s outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz, will file a leak complaint regarding former FBI Director James Comey’s leaked memos with the Department of Justice, a source close to the outside legal team tells NBC News, NBC reports. Kasowitz is expected to file the complaint with the DOJ’s Inspector General and the Senate Judiciary Committee after Comey testified Thursday that he allowed a personal friend to leak unclassified memos of his conversations with the president to news outlets in hopes it would trigger the appointment of a special counsel.
“I asked a friend of mine to share the content of a memo with the reporter,” Comey said during yesterday’s Senate hearing. “I didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”
As was revealed later in the day, Comey’s friend was Columbia Law Professor Dan Richman
President Trump will be talking from the Rose Garden later today – June 9, 2017
Geraldo Rivera just called Comey a six foot shrinking dork….wooohoooo!

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8 thoughts on “Major News Breaking Today, June 9, 2017 – Comey Investigation – Oh Yeah!

  1. I heard on the radio that Comey was part of the disgusting sacrifice/abortion of Justice that put Scooter Libby in jail for a year or so? IS it true and KARMA would sure be a good thing NOW! Also was this slim ball part of the Rich Pardon/payola?
    . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
    No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist too big to JAIL or Impeach!

      • Thank’s. Don’t know if is true. It’s ALL lies. Tellin da Truth is a revolutionary act, if not out Treason in the USSA! I never believed in the 6 degrees of separation before. However, in DC politicks it does seem to be about 2 or 3 degrees of separation is the norm.

  2. If Bush Sr had let Casper Weinberger go on trial and blown the lid off Iran/Contra, he would have been impeached. So he brought his Mena drug partner (Bill Clinton) in to be President. Now President Trump is caught up in a TURF WAR between the Clinton Crime Family (Comey) and the Bush Crime Family (Mueller) and, instead of the Clinton’s taking over the Bush/Clinton Crime Family with Hillary (Comey) like they planned, they’ve had to RE-UNITE against TRUMP using Mueller/Comey to save the Bush/Clinton crime family and try to stop President Trump from draining their “criminal” swamp. It’s just that simple..

    • The saddest thing is that your above comment makes sense in this sick Satanic world! I’d love to know the interactions between the Bush’s and Clinton’s. You KNOW they MUST hate each other, but are in bed together for so many crimes they are like Siamese twins. No LOL!
      Worst thing is that I give Trump a 80/20 chance of bein controlled opposition owned by Soros and da BANKSTERS. But I WILL support Trump to the very end. There is no other viable alternative!
      Please Pray Trump is real and if real does NOT git JFKed or Breitbarted! Pence is definitely a NWO Globalist waitin to do THEIR biddin!

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