Why Doesn’t Russia Have the Right to Invade a Country Where a Fascist Regime is Murdering Ethnic Russians?

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by Chris Black

Isn’t that the reason Washington gives for invading over a dozen countries over the last twenty years? Are we saying that only the USA and NATO allies have the right to invade other countries?

Are any of the countries that the US invaded or bombed over the last few decades better off after our involvement? Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Bosnia, etc.?

Bill Clinton invaded and bombed countries just to distract from personal scandals, getting Americans killed. The same with Obama. Instead of facing treason charges, they were praised by the press.

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Hillary cackled about getting a leader of a foreign nation killed, while allowing a US ambassador and US troops to be killed in another country, because they may have confirmed the open secret that the US was running weapons to Syria.

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Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden are all guilty of international war crimes. They all bombed and killed innocent civilians. Yes, some terrorists were killed that were bad guys. But the end result of our interference has been leaving cities where millions live in absolute ruin.

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Often, the enemies we were supposed to be fighting end up reestablishing power right after we leave. In other cases the “freedom fighters” we back end up being more brutal that those they deposed.

You can say Putin isn’t right for going to war.

However, the US wasn’t right in destabilizing the government of Ukraine and staging a coup that started this whole mess.


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