Why is a rock in leather $85 and sold out?

I would be disappointed if i got that for Christmas. I think it proves ocd shopping disorder and people who shop just because credit limit is available. When u can’t find anything at nordstrom under $500 you buy that rock on charge account.
Signs of collapse!
Ho lee fuk…here is the review…I’m at a lose for words, but my stomach did turn a few times:

I was so excited to receive my rock. I felt it was only fair to spend some time with the rock before writing a review for this item. I wanted to describe it as best as I could since it is a pretty steep price for a rock.
But this rock, it represents the best of humanity. It inspires love and creativity and innocence. It can move mountains. This rock is truly the best item in my home. A gift like this could end wars. This is something much more than just a material purchase, it can stand for the greatest bits of people. This rock is us. I will be presenting this rock to my girlfriend to prove that our relationship as well rounded as this rock and just as solid.



18 thoughts on “Why is a rock in leather $85 and sold out?

  1. Amazing what people will buy… Maybe I’m in the wrong business. Let’s see if I can do better:
    DOG POOP for sale!
    Look at it as a work of art, sniff it, or play a prank on your neighbors by placing it at their front door – there’s unlimited uses of this wonderful substance!
    Wolves in the wild use it to mark their territory, so strategically placed dog poop may even help you keep wolves out of your garden!
    And we’ll get it to you in an environmentally friendly, plastic free paper envelope.
    You think such a wonderful gift won’t be affordable to you, given it ought to cost a million dollars an ounce? There’s good news for you! Especially for this Christmas season, we’re having a sale and you can get YOUR OWN dog poop at just $10 per ounce!
    There’s a limited supply because I only have 3 dogs working on producing it – so order quickly! Call now at 1-900-DOG-POOP.
    Free shipping and handling of orders over $100.

    • Hey, you’re stealing my gimmick! No problem. If you really want to sell them you have to cater to Nordstrom’s. Put them in a leather bag and call them Pet Turds for $85.00. You will be sold out the next day!

    • I’ve always said that the problem with being intelligent is that you outsmart yourself from making Big Money.
      I mean, if I came up to you and showed you this shit, told you I’d ‘invented’ it, and I needed $50,000 to get it off the ground (or Pet Rocks), you’d think I’d lost a taco from the combo plate.
      But look how stupid shit is just lapped up by this nation with a collective, room-temp IQ.
      No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” ~ Mencken

      • Indeed… I think in addition to starting to sell dog poop, I’ll start selling packages of clean air to the city dwellers…
        “Get a box of fresh air packaged in a remote area in Montana (or for 50% extra, export air packed in Switzerland)! Just $50 per box! Note that packaging may not be airtight, a small percentage (up to 100%, but guaranteed not more than that!) of the air may have been replaced during shipping.”

    • Hey,…I think you are on to something there. I would pay you to send “gift poop” to a few career politicians and CEO’s. Seriously.

  2. They collect a box of them and realise how entirely stupid they are – then again they are reminescent of a turd, with a shiney end to pick it up with! Perhaps its the new weapon of choice for the gun grabbers, comes with a holster too!

  3. So now the Pet Rocks of the70’s have made a comeback only this time they’re in leather pouches? Just what I always needed….The original Pet Rocks only cost around $5….goes to show you how inflation has really hit the stupidity market hard.

  4. Reminds me of the comedian who did the bit about bottled water. He imagined a group of French marketing types with cigarettes dangling from their lips saying, “How dumb do I think Americans are?” “I bet we could put water into bottles and sell it to them!”

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