Why is a rock in leather $85 and sold out?

I would be disappointed if i got that for Christmas. I think it proves ocd shopping disorder and people who shop just because credit limit is available. When u can’t find anything at nordstrom under $500 you buy that rock on charge account.
Signs of collapse!
Ho lee fuk…here is the review…I’m at a lose for words, but my stomach did turn a few times:

I was so excited to receive my rock. I felt it was only fair to spend some time with the rock before writing a review for this item. I wanted to describe it as best as I could since it is a pretty steep price for a rock.
But this rock, it represents the best of humanity. It inspires love and creativity and innocence. It can move mountains. This rock is truly the best item in my home. A gift like this could end wars. This is something much more than just a material purchase, it can stand for the greatest bits of people. This rock is us. I will be presenting this rock to my girlfriend to prove that our relationship as well rounded as this rock and just as solid.