Why is an ICO rating created?

With so much information about cryptocurrencies available online today, it can be confusing to find the information you are looking for. This is why many websites create an ICO rating for upcoming or current ICOs. Read this article to learn more.

Creating an ICO Rating

Well-informed decisions are always preferred over having to make a decision with too little or no information. This is especially true when one is making a decision about whether to invest in a particular project or startup. Today, many projects and startups are fundraising via an Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. With this type of crowdfunding initiative, a new project can issue cryptographic tokens for investors to purchase. In this way, the project raises the capital they need to bring their new product to fruition.

Should you use an ICO rating?

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have decided to get involved in the crypto community by investing in an ICO. While this can be very exciting, it is also a real investment. You should not take the decision of whether or not to invest in an ICO lightly. Before you invest, it is very important that you first research all aspects the ICO.


There are so many parts of an ICO and its team to research. Doing this research will take a long time to complete, and in the end, you may decide that the ICO is not worth investing in. If this happens, it may seem like you wasted a lot of time for very little benefit.


This is where using an ICO rating can be helpful. A rating is an overview of a particular ICO. You can read a basic description about the vision of the project and the current stage of the token sale. You can also read the analysis to get an idea as to how the website’s rating team views the ICO. Do they think that the vision of the project is realistic? Do the developers of the project have the necessary skills and experience to realize the goals of the project?


Using a rating to help inform your research is beneficial, as you can weed out the uninspiring ICOs from your short list. You can also learn which ICOs seem promising and focus your research on those projects.

Can you trust a rating website?

Not all rating sites are created equal. Many websites that rate Initial Coin Offerings give honest, accurate, and trustworthy ratings. However, there are also many websites that give ratings that are baseless, biased, and fraught with errors. It is important to vet the website you are using to get the analysis of an ICO before you put your trust in the ratings they publish.


You should look into the system that the website uses to rate ICOs. If they don’t have a published system that gives, at least, an overview of their process, then you may want to use a different website. Additionally, if their process seems incomplete, illogical, or untrustworthy, then don’t trust the ratings and analyses they publish.

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You should look for a website that has a rating team comprised of professionals with significant experience in stock market analysis, economics, entrepreneurship, ICOs, and cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. With years of experience and proven success in these fields, these individuals have valuable insights to provide about the ICO they are reviewing. From these ratings, you can learn what the particular strengths of the project are, as well as any potential risks and weaknesses.


It is also important that the analysis of the Initial Coin Offering be impartial. Be wary of any website that allows ICOs to purchase a good rating. For the rating and analysis to be beneficial to investors, it is crucial that they be honest and accurate. This means that the ICO earns their rating and cannot purchase it.


Once you have found a website you can trust, you can feel assured that the analyses you read are accurate and true. This will help inform you as to which ICOs you should continue to research and which projects are not worth your time or investment.


Ratings and analyses of an Initial Coin Offering can be beneficial to investors. However, the ratings are beneficial only if they come from a reliable and trustworthy source. An ICO rating can inform investors as to the strengths and weaknesses of a project. This is useful information to know before a potential investor spends a significant amount of time deeply researching the project. With an ICO rating, you can learn which investments to continue to research, and which you are no longer interested in investing in.


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