Why is no one talking about how the founder of Alibaba Jack Ma went missing

First, I saw this news on some forum, tried Googling it, and Google is not showing relevant articles, hiding them, full link: tfiglobalnews.com/2021/01/03/where-is-jack-ma-after-his-showdown-with-ccp-the-alibaba-founder-has-gone-missing/

Ma has “not been seen in public” since he criticised China’s regulators and its State-owned banks. His sudden disappearance becomes that much more mysterious given the growing discord between Ma and the CCP. Also, China has a history of mysterious, high-profile disappearances, especially with the Xi administration at the helm of affairs and Ma’s disappearance, therefore, is being read in light of his apparent tussle with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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h/t  BonBon1111