Why is Opium Production in Afghanistan Openly Tolerated?


“Alliance factions and other warlords deny benefiting from opium production, but it is an open secret that nearly all tolerate it.”

Apparently the CIA indirectly and inadvertently funded Pakistan’s atomic program?

The CIA also played direct and indirect roles in the booming opium trade in the Golden Triangle (Burma, Laos) and Afghanistan.

In 2000-2001, the Taliban sought to ban the opium trade controlled by the rival Northern Alliance, which became Washington’s ally in its invasion of Afghanistan.

“During the war against the Russians, the huge and illicit drugs trade nurtured by the mujahideen was ignored and tolerated by the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies in return for their commitment to fight the Soviet Union.”

In Latin America, the CIA has complex relationships with the drug-trafficking networks.

The CIA helped set up many of Latin America’s spy agencies.

Under Pinochet, Chile exported tons of cocaine to Europe.

The CIA director Walter Bedell “Beetle” Smith (1895 – 1961) reportedly opposed the plan to back the KMT remnants in Burma, but Truman was for it.

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