Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

Diamond has set the stage for engagement rings over the years. To this day, it is still a common option for those looking for quality engagement rings. However, moissanite is increasingly becoming an alternative to this precious gemstone. According to MoissaniteCo, many more people are choosing Moissanite for most of their jewelry. The main reason has been its close resemblance to a diamond. 

Everything that looks like a diamond is a treasured gem in the jewelry industry. This is what makes Moissanite a great option for those in relationships. Moissanite is a diamond-like stone used in making different jewelry products. However, it is not a diamond. These two stones are different despite their close resemblance. Henri Moissan discovered this gem in 1893 and later found it to be Silicon Carbide (SiC). 

The growing use of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Many people confuse Moissanite and diamond. This is to tell you that Moissanite is such an excellent stone matching the characteristics of a diamond. So, what makes this stone a favorite among jewelry-making stones? Here are valid reasons that make this stone a favorite in the choice of engagement rings today: 


  • Affordability 


Despite exhibiting great properties, Moissanite is affordable. The price of this stone is a fraction of a diamond of the same carat weight.  Even though diamond is a great stone for many years, not many people can meet its costs. However, you could still get almost similar properties and pay less for that by choosing Moissanite. For that reason, Moissanite engagement rings have become so popular in the market. 


  • Beauty and Shine 


Among other things, we love jewelry products for their beauty and fire. Moissanite exhibits this great quality of fire and brilliance. Therefore, the stone has the beauty that everyone is looking for in his or her engagement ring. Most importantly, this stone has a higher refractive index than most gems making it a great option for use as jewelry.  


  • Various colors, shapes and sizes 


With Moissanite, you have a variety of options based on the stone size and shape. It is easy to cut and produce in the laboratory. Therefore, people love it because they can get quality options. This affords them better jewelry designs. 

Most of the Moissanite available in the market is almost colorless. However, you can also find other colors such as yellow, blue or grey. For that reason, this precious gem gives you enough options to pick in your search for reliable jewelry wear. 

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The freedom that comes with having variety is vital for picking the most suitable jewelry for your engagement. You can choose whatever you want based on your fashion, taste and preference. 


  • Responsible Production 


Moissanite is lab-grown. Therefore, there is no mining involved. Mining gemstones like diamonds cause social conflict. For that reason, they are unethical because their sourcing is not morally correct. Because of that, people tend to look for ethical options like Moissanite grown in the laboratory. Manufacturers grow this Silicon Carbide in the lab implying that there is no conflict because of mining. 


  • Proven Durability 


Nothing beats jewelry that can last by giving the user a great experience over the years. Moissanite’s hardness and durability are great qualities that make this stone something to consider for your engagement ring. Most importantly, it is scratch-resistant and that means it can withstand abrasive actions. That way, you cannot easily damage it. 


  • Use and maintenance 


Some stones like diamonds require careful use and attention for them to maintain their glow and sparkle. That means they may at times be expensive to own. However, people love Moissanite because it is easy to clean and maintain its fire and brilliance. All you need is soap, warm water and a soft cloth. No one wants to spend a fortune on buying a ring and still spend a lot of money to maintain it. 

Final Thoughts 

You can still buy your Moissanite engagement ring today if you did not know what choice to make. More and more people are buying this stone due to its proven quality and price. It comes in different grades, colors and shapes for every piece of jewelry. In that case, you will get value for money, as is the case with the many people buying Moissanite jewelry. 

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