Why the NWO is Winning

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by Chris Black

One of the worst copes that I regularly see coming from ostensibly intelligent people on the Right is that the elite are “dumb” or “incompetent.”

This position becomes increasingly untenable in face of the COVID psyop and the rapidly encroaching totalitarian technocracy. Both were clearly planned years in advance and are being executed as part of a broader, long-term plan. Yet, bizarrely, I see more and more “intelligent” Right-Wing people claiming that the elites are merely a bunch of opportunists, goofballs, screwups who have no idea what they’re doing.

The elite — by which I mean Davos etc. and not low-level, establishment-climbing bureaucrats — are very open with their nefarious schemes. They’ve told everyone their plans and goals for decades. But rather than paying attention to what the elite are actually saying, a significant swathe of the Right has chosen to fabricate increasingly convoluted, and frankly, baseless theories of elite incompetency.

The simple reality, which many people are either too blind to see or too terrified to acknowledge, is that the elite are ruthless, calculating, megalomaniacs, who despise the average man and aim to enslave the entire planet. They follow a messianic, eschatological doctrine, in which they have been “chosen” to “illuminate” and “repair” the world by creating a global dictatorship and enslaving humanity.

Establishment-climbing low-level bureaucrats, on the other hand, are quite often dumb and incompetent. However, they too are pleb-hating megalomaniacs, albeit for a very different reason: The plebs are reactionary bigots and the bureaucracy is filled with spiteful mutants. This is why they are more than happy to go along with the elite agenda, even though they are not “in on the plan,” so to speak. From the perspective of a spiteful mutant bureaucrat, vaccine mandates, digital identity COVID passes, and so on, are all very useful tools to oppress and track their political enemies.

Occam’s razor: The elite who secured their power in 1945 wish to maintain and expand their power, and have developed long-term goals and strategies to this end.

Hanlon’s razor: The elite are useless oafs who accidentally destabilized society with mass migration, are accidentally abolishing private property, are accidentally normalizing transgenderism, pedophilia, accidentally created a global technocracy, and so on.

By the way, Hanlon’s Razor (“never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”) was invented by Goethe, a Freemason who was involved with the Bavarian Illuminati.

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