Why the Russia Collusion Narrative Makes No Sense

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by Daniel Carter

This week’s meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki triggered the most hysterical response from the mainstream media that I’ve ever seen. And in the Trump era, that’s really saying something. The media took what was a typical meeting between heads of state and turned it into a clown show. According to their twisted worldview, the meeting was undoubtedly treason, and further evidence that Trump was colluding with Russia all along. However, a sober analysis of the US’s relationship with Russia paints a much different picture. Below are several observations that call into question the validity of the Russia collusion narrative.

Voting to Give Trump More Power

Some of the loudest voices screaming about collusion between Trump and Russia are high-ranking, establishment politicians in Congress. But if Trump is truly a Russian agent, why would people such as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, who often promote the collusion narrative, vote to keep warrantless surveillance in the hands of Trump? That would just give Putin more power, wouldn’t it?

Democrats and Republicans, including John McCain (another loud proponent of the collusion narrative), also voted to keep the powers of war declaration in the hands of Trump. So, according to their own wild conspiracy theory, they voted to give Putin the power to declare war whenever are wherever he’d like, with the full force of the US military. These people are either liars or morons. Maybe both.

Trump Policy is Bad for Russia

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The mainstream media would have you believe that President Trump is actively sacrificing American interests to benefit Russia. However, Trump is at the very least as tough on Russia as previous modern-day presidents. In 2017, Trump signed a sanctions bill on Russian banks, oil and gas companies and wealthy individuals. He even signed the bill knowing that it barred him and future presidents from rolling back the sanctions.

Trump has also promoted a foreign policy that puts US military interests and Russian military interests in direct conflict. Last year, Trump approved the sale of weapons to the Ukranian government, which is at war with Russian-backed fighters. In 2017 and in 2018, Trump also gave the green light to attack Syria, a Russian ally. The US military also recently killed over 200 Russian fighters in Syria. The facts indicate that Trump’s military is close to fighting Putin’s military directly, which is far from the cozy relationship the media portrays.

Media Doing Putin’s Dirty Work?

You will often hear, matter-of-factly, that Putin’s goal is to divide and conquer the United States. The people who push this theory point to the fact that Russian bots take both sides of a political issue on social media. They say this is to cause chaos and division in the US to weaken the country. Ironically, the people who push this narrative the hardest are the ones causing the most division in the US. Of course, I am referring to the mainstream media.

It appears the media is systematically dividing us along the lines of race, gender, sexual preference, nationality and anything else that may separate us politically. They will never miss an opportunity to rile up a crowd over the police shooting an unarmed black person, or an instance where it is discovered that a man makes more than a woman in a similar occupation. What they accuse Putin of they are guilty of themselves.

Business as Usual

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The Helsinki meeting was made to look like treason by the media. But US presidents and other politicians have had a pleasant relationship with Vladimir Putin while facing almost zero backlash from the media. What many others have done before is now called collusion and treason. The image below should help shed light on the bogus claims coming from the establishment.

(h/t: @RudyHavenstein)


The hysteria from the mainstream media has many Americans ready to convict Trump of the most serious of crimes. But the actions of Congress, the executive branch, the media and former heads of state casts a large shadow of doubt on the collusion narrative. I’m not 100% confident that Trump did not commit any crimes with powerful Russians, but I am confident that the media is full of it. If any such crimes come to light, I will be happy to acknowledge it as truth. But until then, I will choose to observe actions rather than fall for the media’s shameful propaganda.



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