Will Dollar Swap Lines Stop An Economic ARMAGEDDON? (Explained & Answered)

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Discover dollar swap line 👉 INTEL YOU NEED! 👈 Dollar swap lines seem intimidating but there very simple to understand, assuming you’ve got an amazing video like this do explain them to YOU! Jokes aside it’s crucial you do understand them to navigate the current economic environment. Dollar swap lines have been set up for a variety of reasons. If you believe the Federal Reserve, it’s to provide US dollars to foreign central banks. But this could be just a smoke screen to keep YOU FROM KNOWING the real reason, and that’s to prop up the US economy and prevent it from crashing. The dirty little secret the Fed doesn’t want you to know is the dollar swap lines also prevent foreign entities from selling their treasuries, which keeps interest rates down. And this is only the tip of the ice berg, the main reason it’s crucial you understand dollar swap lines is because IF you own stock of a company who has assets in a country that didn’t get a dollar swap life line from the Fed YOU could be taking far more risk than you realize!!


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