Will Donald Trump Jr. Run for Governor of New York?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
The eldest son of President Trump, Donald ‘Don’ Trump Jr. recently made headlines after announcing to elite gun club members that he could easily set aspirations of becoming the next governor of New York. Don Jr. conversed with members of F6 Labs gun club and stated that while a run for governor appealed to him, the mayoral position was considerably less interesting. Don Jr. boldly asserted that he would love to operate behind the scenes and “fight back against crazy liberal media.” Despite the Don’s claims, a Trump source states that the eldest First Son has “no intentions of running for political office at this time” and is “totally focused on running the Trump Organization with his brother, Eric.

The First Son has been quite involved with gun clubs and gun advocates. Not long ago, he delivered a strong, patriotic speech in which he vowed to vehemently oppose any policies that contrast with the sacred Second Amendment. Don Jr, also endorsed state reciprocity laws, which allow for guns to be carried across state lines with a permit. New York is infamous for being extremely liberal; it would be a step in the right direction for the community to have a governor who values and upholds gun rights. Multiple studies have proven that mass shootings occur in spaces where citizens are disarmed. Don Jr. could potentially save many lives by running for governor, winning, and upholding the Second Amendment along with other conservative values.
Whether or not Don Jr. decides to run for governor of New York remains to be seen. Currently, he and his brother are running the Trump Organization, which clearly occupies a plethora of time. However, the eldest First Son is relatively young and has plenty of time to run for office. The liberal state of New York would greatly benefit from having a conservative governor who is determined to put the interests of the Constitution and the American people first.

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