Will Hemp CBD Oil Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

It used to be the case that CBD oil, or any product-related in any vague way to cannabis, would be feared and reviled.

However, thanks to the growing acceptance of marijuana products everywhere, as well as the general relaxation of marijuana legislation, that is changing.

Nowadays, people are comfortable admitting that they take CBD oil, even using it openly and frequently throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there is still one big hurdle that needs to be understood when deciding to take CBD oil – drugs tests.

This will likely be the first thing that goes through your mind when trying to buy CBD oil from a CBD oil online store.

Will Premium Jane CBD oil cause you to fail a drug test?

What is a Drug Test And What Is It Looking For?

First of all, knowing exactly what a drug test is and why you are being forced to take one is an important step.

A drug test is any test using your biological material, which determines whether or not you have taken any not allowed substances in a given period.

Depending on what you are testing for and what kind of drug test, it is will determine how far back the drug test can check.

When it comes to marijuana drug tests, they are testing for a few specific things.

Primarily, drug tests are looking for traces of THC and THCa in your bloodstream or your hair. If they check your blood, they can determine whether or not you have used marijuana within the last month or so.

However, if they test hair, it can show the remnants of marijuana within the last 90 days. This makes it incredibly likely that you would fail the test even if you had only briefly had some marijuana three months ago. 

To figure out if you have used any substance, your bodily substance is compared against a lab sample that contains an amount of the drug they are looking for. 

The main thing you need to keep in mind is whether or not the drug test you are being made to take tests for any particular substances, or is just checking for everything and anything.

This is important because drug tests that are only looking for marijuana are generally only testing for THC, which CBD oil completely lacks.

However, some tests try and catch everything and anything whatsoever, so they sometimes include all manner of cannabinoids within the testing parameters, making it possible to be flagged after using CBD oil.

To make sure that you will be okay with a drug test, it is essential to understand what is in CBD oil first.

What Is In Hemp CBD Oil?

Hemp CBD oil, or just regular CBD oil, generally is only going to contain a few key ingredients.

First and foremost, CBD oil is going to contain a large amount of pure CBD. This is Cannabidiol that has been extracted from cannabis or hemp plants using an extraction method called supercritical extraction.

This extracted CBD is then suspended within inert oil, most commonly hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

However, this extraction method isn’t always 100% perfect – there can sometimes still be traces of other cannabinoids alongside.

These trace amounts of THC are not anywhere near enough to get you high, but depending on who made your CBD oil can massively alter this. Additionally, you need to know your state laws regarding the maximum amount of THC you are permitted to have in CBD oil.

Different states have different levels of allowed THC, so different CBD oils might pass or fail specific tests.

So, Is CBD Oil Going To Make You Fail a Drug Test?

The critical thing to consider when trying to figure out if you will fail a drug test is how much THC is in your CBD.

If you buy your CBD from a reputable seller, one that tests all their products and ensures the THC content, then you are fine. If, however, you buy it from an unscrupulous dealer who makes it at home, you might be so fine.

The most important thing to do is to only purchase CBD from a trustworthy source that provides guaranteed levels of THC. 

Try buying some premium jane CBD oil, or buying it from another well known CBD retailer. As long as they are positively reviewed and offer lab reports, you are probably going to be just fine.




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