Will Poland be the next country to announce its departure from the EU?

by BNI
European Council President Donald Tusk believes Poland’s future in the European Union could be in jeopardy over the country’s many disputes with the EU, especially over illegal alien Muslim invaders.

Daily Caller  Tusk — who served as the Polish prime minister between 2007 and 2014 — is worried that Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) is edging closer to announcing the country’s intention to leave the EU.
“It smells like an introduction to an announcement that Poland does not need the European Union and that Poland is not needed for the EU,” Tusk told reporters Thursday in Warsaw after testifying in a court case, the EUobserver reports. “I am afraid we are closer to that moment.”
The EU has taken legal action against Poland for its refusal to accept refugee quotas set in 2015. “The fact that a European tribunal decision is rejected so arrogantly is evidence of something very dangerous in my opinion — it is an overt attempt to put Poland in conflict with the European Union,” Tusk said.

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  1. The Eastern Europeans need to make an alliance among themselves to protect them selves from Western BANKSTERs and the Eastern Bear! Neither has the interest of these people in mind!

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