Will Trudeau LOSE The Election? – Approval FALLS As Economy WORSENS

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the constantly falling approval rating of Justin Trudeau as the Federal elections approach.
As many medias rightly note, Trudeau is the underdog in the upcoming election despite being the sitting Prime Minister. But this isn’t anything new necessarily. While it’s true that Trudeau’s approval rating is constantly falling and getting worse all the time, the idea that people want “change” right before an election is pretty standard. That’s the problem. People constantly want change so they ask for another politician instead of considering that this perpetual circle of wanting change over and over again has been going on since ancient Greece and nothing changes for the good, but only for the bad.
Perhaps the change people are looking for comes from within rather than from an all powerful government? Just a thought one should consider instead of thinking 51% can rule the 49% and that somehow that’s “fair.” Good ideas do not require force.
Regardless of the party, the same racket continues. Maybe if people considered self responsibility rather than dependence we wouldn’t have this reoccurring problem.




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