Woman Almost Dies From Pfizer Several Times – Still Encourages Others to Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

A mum, who almost died from Pfizer, still plans to get her two-year-old daughter vaccinated when she can.

It was just half an hour after her second dose of Pfizer that Kirsty’s nightmare began.

The mum-of-one began struggling to breathe due to her tongue and throat swelling up.

She was rushed to hospital, as her heart rate increased and began to vomit, and was immediately treated with oxygen, a nebuliser, adrenaline and antihistamines.

The horrified mum had a further four anaphylactic shocks that day, where each time a staff member would rush in to give her adrenaline.

Kirsty was moved to ICU as doctors became increasingly concerned by her condition, and over the following week, she had a further five anaphylactic shocks.

One of these saw her airways swell so severely that her brain was deprived of oxygen, resulting in Kirsty having a seizure where she fell unconscious and was shaking uncontrollably in her bed.

After several days and no further shocks, Kirsty was finally discharged a week later.

But after just a handful of days at home, Kirsty was rushed back to hospital.

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This is where she has remained ever since, having had a further five shocks and another ‘spontaneous epileptic seizure’, according to her doctors.

Now having endured a total of 14 anaphylactic shocks since her jab, Kirsty is staying in hospital as doctors have warned she will likely have more.

Kirsty’s reactions are so severe that her lips and tongue swell to the point of bleeding.

However, despite Kirsty almost losing her life multiple times, she still strongly encourages people get their COVID vaccines.

“This has been a truly terrifying experience – one I never even thought was possible – but it’s still so important people get their jabs,” she explained.

“I want people to remember that reactions like mine are very rare – and just because I have had a bad reaction, doesn’t mean everyone else will too. Vaccinations save lives.”


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