Woman in Charge of Guns on Alec Baldwin’s Movie Set Deletes Her Social Media Account

The woman in charge of guns on the Alec Baldwin on the set of “Rust” deleted her social media accounts today.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed was the “armorer” on the set of the western film. Baldwin was handed a loaded gun for a scene he was shooting. He ended up killing one woman and injuring a second man on the set.

Hannah Gutierrez Instagram

Here is Hannah’s video.

Meet 24 yr-old Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed who was in charge of the arms on the Baldwin set.
Seems a nice, mature-for-her-age gal. 🙄#HireTrashGetTrashywork

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— Teresa AnnMarie (@TeresaFreeThink) October 23, 2021

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, was the armorer on the set of Rust, which has since suspended production in New Mexico after the fatal shooting on Thursday of Halyna Hutchins.

Ms Reed is the daughter of longtime Hollywood armorer Thell Reed, who has trained Hollywood stars such as Russell Crowe how to handle guns and other prop weapons. Ms Reed recently told podcast Voices of the West that she’d tried her hand at acting and modeling before settling on more behind-the-scenes work.

“Originally, I had planned on working with cameras, or I really like lighting, too. I wanted to do DP work,” Ms Reed, who has a film degree from Northern Arizona University, told the podcast in an episode which aired last month. “I kind of just tried [armorer work] with dad one time, and then I noticed I had a really natural knack for it, growing up around guns my whole life.”



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