WTAF? “Canadian government protects Chinese military by DENYING Rebel News access to legally entitled documents”

I KNow many do not like Rebel News but at least they try.
The Canadian government is claiming national defence would be put at risk if it were to provide access to information records to Rebel News about Chinese military fighter pilots allowed to train in the skies over London, Ontario.

Today’s story is an update to a previous report about how the minister of transportation signed off each time a pilot from the Chinese Communist military came to train in airborne combat in the airspace above Canada’s most populous region.

The story was first reported in the CBC way back in 2020.

A private company called ITPS Canada has been training foreign fighter pilots on “aircraft to aircraft combat, aircraft to ground combat and aerobatics”, according to the statement given by Giorgio Clementi the owner of the company.

According to that CBC report, the pilots are in Canada for a year to learn everything about 20 different aircraft — from single engine propeller planes to large jets. Clients have included the Italian, Turkish, Malaysian, and Chinese air forces.

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Yes, the People’s Liberation Army.

Video at link if you want to view it.



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