Yellen warns 10 million more people face poverty due to higher food prices

by Boo_Randy

Yellen the Felon is crying crocodile tears over the “10 million people” sinking deeper into poverty due to soaring food prices. What this vile hag fails to mention is that the Fed’s debasement of the currency, coupled with out-of-control government spending, is pauperizing virtually the entire middle and working classes to facilitate their looting and asset-striping by Yellen’s globalist oligarch and bankster accomplices.

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday is warning that Russia’s war on Ukraine “further exacerbates pre-existing price and food supply pressures,” and she is calling for concrete actions by international financial institutions that would deliver an effective response to the problem. “Early estimates suggest that at least 10 million more people could be pushed into poverty due to higher food prices alone,” Yellen is slated to say, according to her prepared remarks at a Treasury Department event titled “Tackling Food Insecurity: The Challenge and Call to Action.”


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