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by Ian56

Worldwide, overall new PCR positive tests, falsely called “cases” in the Press, are plateauing at around 300,000 a day and daily deaths are slowly declining from their late July, early August peak.

A seasonal uptick in the Northern Hemisphere is to be expected as we get into the normal winter flu season.
Government diktats for lockdowns and mask wearing have made absolutely NO difference to the number of hospitalisations and deaths.
Daily new cases and deaths will significantly decline over the next 6 months into Spring as Herd Immunity is reached / bolstered, irrespective of any Western government Covid restrictions which will be designed to PREVENT this reduction, prolong the disease so more people will die of Covid and other conditions, and prevent Herd Immunity being reached among low risk younger healthy people which reduces the risk for the more vulnerable and elderly.
A very important initiative called the “Great Barrington Declaration” has now been launched by Professors Sunetra Gupta, Martin Kuldorff and Jay Bhattacharya, to oppose the counter productive Lockdowns and Covid Restrictions in favor of science based, risk based approaches to protect the vulnerable while building up or bolstering the Herd Immunity already apparent in large parts of the world.
4.500 Medical Researchers, 8,200 Medical Practitioners and over 100,000 members of the public have signed this petition

The disinfo propaganda Corporate media, Western governments and Western Public “Health” Officials have falsely hyped up the risk of Covid to deceive the uninformed and gullible public into falsely believing that Covid is something akin to the Bubonic Plague, Ebola or Spanish Flu. It is NOT. Covid is a mildly lethal disease primarily affecting the elderly aged over 70 with pre-existing comorbities, that has cheap and effective treatments and preventions which are being deliberately suppressed.

Covid has a survival rate of around 99.95% and according to a recent statement by Mike Ryan of the WHO that 750 million people have already been infected, Covid has an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.138% or the same as the seasonal flu.
An IFR of around 0.1% and 20% infection rate was predicted / estimated by Stanford’s Professor John Ioannidis back in April from actual data from the quarantined Diamond Princess Cruise Liner. 
This prediction has proven to be highly accurate so he is NEVER invited to speak on mainstream TV.

The official Covid Fatality Rate per 1 million population in each country / US state is dependent on:

Whether the elderly were killed en masse by forcing Covid positive people into care homes or not. Common place in high death rate Western countries and US States such as New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. Didn’t happen in lower death rate countries, e.g. Germany.
Denying medical care for other conditions such as cancer, heart disease and alzheimers, which can then be falsely blamed on Covid. Prevalent in the UK and other Western countries in March and April. Still continuing in the UK.
Fraudulent death reporting, recording non Covid deaths as Covid (widespread in the US, UK and Western Europe).
The proportion of the population aged over 65 (the major risk group).
Prevalance of obesity and obesity related conditions like heart disease and diabetes. 95% of Covid fatalities in the West are people with pre-existing comorbidities.
Medical Malpractice by denying Covid patients the best treatments and preventatives – a national disgrace in the UK’s NHS, several Dem controlled US States, and most of Western Europe.
Prevalence or otherwise of insufficient Vitamin D and C levels and the use (or otherwise) of supplements to correct it. You are 10 times more likely to die of Covid if you have insufficient Vitamin D.
The use of cheap and effective treatments like HCQ or Ivermectin in combination with Zinc, which are available and proven to have highly beneficial results but are being banned or suppressed in almost all Western countries in a policy of mass murder to push ineffective “Covid vaccines”.
The prevalance of pre-existing immunity from previous exposure to similar coronaviruses. 50 to 80% of people are estimated to be immune or resistant to Covid. T-Cells play an important role.
The Covid Fatality Rate is NOT dependent on Lockdown restrictions or mask wearing, which make NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever, execpt to increase the death rate from non Covid conditions, stress, loneliness and depression.
There are a dozen or so effective treatments for Covid and ALL of them have been suppressed or banned in Western countries by Big Pharma controlled agencies like the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, NICE, Sage, Fauci, Birx, Redfield, Collins, Hancock, Vallance, Whitty etc.
The Western Covid death count could have been reduced by 80% if SCIENCE was in control and not Oligarch / Corporate interests.
N.B. the recent uptick in positive PCR tests (they are NOT cases) in Western Europe and the US is largely due to over 90% false positives and a large proportion of those in early October are students returning to college / university who have already been exposed to the virus, are now immune, and no threat to anyone. 
There has been a significant increase of positive PCR tests for people aged 18 to 29 in the UK, France and the US largely as a result of massive increase of testing of asymptomatic people and in early October a large number of students on college campuses.
Young people aged below 30 are not at risk of becoming ill from Covid unless they are already seriously ill from something else.
It would be much better to encourage fit and healthy young people to socialise as much as possible in order to spread the virus among people who are NOT at risk and gain Herd Immunity as much as possible before the Winter flu season sets in. Western governments are determined to do the EXACT OPPOSITE shutting pubs and restaurants, placing asymptomatic students under House Arrest etc. to PROLONG the disease and kill MORE people.

A second cause of the uptick in Europe is in countries which largely avoided the virus in March and April but are now being exposed – these are mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, e.g. the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania. These countries will gain Herd Immunity over the coming Winter. 

The increase in positive PCR tests in these countries is being accompanied by an increase in deaths. This is a real disease outbreak in these countries and not a fake one like the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands and Ireland etc.
The same scenario is also showing up in other countries that avoided the outbreak in March and April, such as Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

US cases & deaths slowly declining – herd immunity being reached

Brazil – well past the peak, cases & deaths declining
India – past the peak – cases & deaths declining
Mexico – past the peak – cases & deaths declining
South West Asia – past the peak. See Pakistan, Saudi Arabia.
South America – past the peak – cases & deaths declining, near Herd immunity. Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Chile all past the peak – Argentina still rising, should peak fairly soon as it’s now Spring.
Peru and Argentina have had the most severe lockdowns since March, including mandatory masks, and two of the worst results, proving lockdowns & masks DON’T WORK.

Africa – Herd immunity reached almost everywhere. Very few cases & deaths now. South Africa displays this best. Mostly disease resistant and young population. Routine and widespread use of cheap and effective treatments (e.g. HCQ and Ivermectin) has reduced the fatality rate. Africa has highly corrupt governments but they are mostly resistant to Big Pharma and Bill Gates (unlike the US and the EU). Proves Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the WHO are an even bigger problem for the human population than totally corrupt politicians.
Russia – cases & deaths increasing – no big epidemic in March & April so more cases now as winter approaches, herd immunity will not be reached until Spring. Russia is using effective treatments (Ivermectin and HCQ) so the death rate is relatively low (under 2% CFR).
In contrast countries that banned HCQ and Ivermectin have HORRENDOUS death rates, e.g. the UK (9% CFR) and Mexico (10%).

Western Europe – Epidemic has finished. Herd immunity mostly reached. Casedemic from a million plus per day of random asymptomatic PCR testing producing circa 97% false positives. Deaths near zero, around one per million people per day. More people are now dying of the seasonal flu in Western Europe than are dying of Covid.

Lockdowns and other Covid restrictions will INCREASE the overall all cause mortality rate and this is by DESIGN by corrupt vaccine pushers and their cronies, not accidental.
N.B. there are local regional variations in levels of Herd Immunity, e.g. London and the South of England reached herd immunity a while ago, they were the hardest hit in March and April. Whereas the North of England was hit less hard in March and April and still has a little way to go to reach Herd Immunity – it is experiencing around 80% of the current low number of Covid deaths in the UK.
Differences in Herd Immunity levels explaining differences in current hospitalisation or death rates are NEVER mentioned by Mainstream Media. The objective of MSM is to deceive people, NOT to inform them. Herd Immunity takes away all justification for Covid vaccines, Lockdowns and other restrictions.
Sweden now has near zero new cases and deaths because it has reached Herd Immunity and is now living life normally without masks or Covid restrictions – something else that is never mentioned in the MSM.
SE Asia. Covid will continue to affect almost all countries in this region for several months as they have not yet reached herd immunity. Efficient use of vitamin supplements (D, C & zinc) and effective treatments such as HCQ or Ivermectin would reduce fatalities but there is little evidence this will be implemented.
There is something unexplained going on in East and South East Asia to account for the low case and fatality rates.
A recent study from Tokyo, Japan found the prevalance of Covid antibodies had increased from 5.8% to 46.8% from May to August suggesting Covid had spread widely across the general population of Tokyo despite the very low fatality rate.
Something is making East and South East Asia relatively immune to the disease. Previous heavy exposure to Sars or other Coronaviruses could explain it.

Look up the data for the above mentioned regions and countries on

The facts are available for anyone who cares to look.
The BBC, Sky News, CNN, the Guardian, NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Politico, FT, the (London) Times, Channel 4, NPR, Politico, Huffy Po etc. will NEVER report it.
They are ALL controlled by Neoliberal Oligarchs who want to destroy you.

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