You can still get proper search results on youtube when searching conspiracy topics. Simply go on DuckDuckGo, type in the words you want to search, then add the phrase “” without the quotes.

by The-Truth-Fairy


You don’t have to use youtube’s manipulated search bar.

Try this. Go on youtube and search “9/11.” You’ll get a bunch of mainstream channels. Most of you probably already know this by now.

Now go on DuckDuckGo and type this exact phrase:


You’ll get a set of links only from youtube. On the first page, you’ll get some conspiracy-oriented videos. One is “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” from CorbettReport. Another one talks about the impossibility that those calls were made from the planes, and more. You can restrict the search to past week or some other amount of time to get more recent stuff.

The reason I’m not recommending you do this on Google, even though you could, is that Google owns youtube. It might work the same way or it might not. I haven’t checked, but if enough people start doing this, they will manipulate youtube search results on google as well.