You Can’t Buy That: How Central Bank Digital Currencies Will End Financial Freedom

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With the release of central bank digital currencies, also known as CBDCs, privacy will become a relic of the past.

In this video, I explore the darker side of our potential future. While it’s true that privacy is already non existent due to society’s willingness to freely hand data over to big tech, as well as a lack of governmental regulation, CBDCs will be the final nail in the coffin. Your data and financial freedom will now be controlled by a centralized organization that possesses the power to arrest you and shut off your bank account as they please.

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** Timestamps **
00:00 Introduction
02:06 Chapter1: Central Bank Digital Currencies
03:24 Chapter 2: A Feature, Not A Bug
05:03 Chapter 3: Freedom, Free Doom,
07:22 Chapter 4: Carrot or Stick?
08:29 Conclusion: Ready or Not, Here They Come
09:29 Outro



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