You Don't Have To Be A "Trump Supporter" To See That You Can't Trust The Media.

by Fooomanchu
You can’t trust the media. Even if you don’t support Trump, this is a fact that cannot be escaped. It is the same media that lied us into killing millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria while bankrupting the country. It is the same media that are beholden to their corporate masters. And it is the same media that are now frantically against Trump.
When nothing is ever confirmed or verified, and it’s all coming from “sources”, it’s dishonest to even describe it as a story, let alone some kind of smoking gun. With the email leaks on Hillary, there was real evidence to evaluate. The worst they claim Flynn did was that, while setting up a meeting (literally his job), he said something to the effect of “all topics can be discussed”. The contrast between these two examples cannot be more stark.
I wonder if the people who are stuck in the left/right paradigm, or enthralled by the Trump haters have asked themselves, why are all the Republican leadership so openly against Trump? Why are Democrats Dennis Kucinich and Tulsi Gabbard warning us that the deep state is trying to take over against all Americans, and that we need to stop funding Al Qaeda and ISIS? How does it feel to be fighting for the side of people like Dick Cheney, John McCain, Bill Kristol, Charles and David Koch, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham? Could it maybe, possibly, be that, this isn’t about left or right?
Even the most skeptical American should recognize that there’s almost nothing lost by giving Trump a chance for a few months versus supporting neocon warmongers in a coup attempt that apparently has to happen instantly. When every poll shows that people are progressively and increasingly losing trust in the media, why is it that they’ve quintupled down on the same hysterical and apocalyptic rhetoric? Why are they crying wolf, and in the process destroying their most precious assets, their credibility and viewership? Whatever the reason, it must be pretty darned important if they’re willing to destroy their own businesses!
What’s more likely, that all the “conspiracy theories” regarding the misdeeds of the existing fossilized leadership of both parties are true? Or that Trump is a misogynistic, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, racist, transphobic, fascist, Nazi, KKK member who is bent on global genocide, while also being controlled by Putin, Sessions, Bannon, Kushner, and a racist frog?
Hey, Trump says let’s “drain the swamp” and he appointed all these powerful people into his cabinet. I know these billionaires types are usually bad, but sometimes they aren’t, and since it changes virtually nothing to wait and see what Trump does, maybe this will be a case where they actually drain that swamp of corrupt politicians everyone has always claimed to be against? It won’t take very long for us to know definitively whether his actions are good or bad for your average person. Why not wait 6 months? Talk is cheap, judge by actions. We learned that one the hard way with Obama, we won’t forget it just because 6 months goes by.
You don’t have to be a “Trump supporter” to see that you can’t trust the media.
Now is the time to point out these facts to your friends who remain under a spell. Show them how the media lies. Help them get out of the left/right paradigm, but do it with a friendly smile using key questions so that they figure it out for themselves.