The real story is senior officials in US Intelligence Community using assets and systems to actively collect AGAINST and undermine a presidential campaign and (now) a sitting president!
Intelligence officials have reportedly kept sensitive information from President Donald Trump out of concerns that The White House may be compromised by Russia and the information could fall into the wrong hands.
The Wall Street Journal reported (paywall) on Wednesday that the spies are withholding the information out of a lack of trust in Trump and the new administration.

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They are playing a dangerous game. What if that one key piece of information was vital to making a decision!
BREAKING: Spies Committing Treason – Look What They Are Doing……


2 thoughts on “The real story is senior officials in US Intelligence Community using assets and systems to actively collect AGAINST and undermine a presidential campaign and (now) a sitting president!”

  1. I said it before… it will take a LONG time to fumigate and de-louse the WH after the muslim, boneloving traitor Obama has left. Turns out the entirety of DC needs fumigation… and maybe some trials for treason. A good start would be to indict Soros for inciting riots and election tampering… many of Obongo’s crew are being financed now by the vile swine Soros.

  2. What’s the matter with you TLA dot gov guys… have have allowed your agency to be politicized to the left for a long time now…… and we all know about your black ops deals with the Clintons and others….time to turn your agency’s around…. the criminal dems get away with murder and you are complicit …how about making things right again and uphold your oaths. Help us save this country when it goes down your gonna be out of your on the streets with the rest of US. That box your in is going to run silent and deep!
    The times are ah changin….GAME ON,,,,,,.its time to take out the trash and flush the toilets!
    Trump is the plumber who will show you his bum when he is fixing your toilet.
    The job gets done and it’s done right! He does not care if the turd is republican,
    democrat, or other, white, journalist, black or brown he sees a POS that got to go down the drain! God bless all the plumbers in the world who keep the toilets flushing!
    The fight continues..time to purge the criminals and hang the traitors from our political system..
    …time to apprehend those who would trash our Constitution, violate our laws, willfully destroy our Christian principles!
    If you work for a TLA dot gov agency and know the truth, honor your oath, NOW!
    This is NOT the time for good men to do nothing! A Final Strike from you is now required! GOD be with you.
    MoveOn, BLM and OTHERS Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country?????
    George Soros DNC paid thugs are afoot. ! !!!! GET George Sorosl. !!!!
    2+2=4 NOT 5 Who is George Soros? he is NOT John Gault!
    Do not blame the younger collage kids for they:
    ” Do not Know and do NOT know they don’t Know” Mark Scott.
    The schools have been politicize by left wing criminals! Hey KIDS Time to get your head out of your professors bum and come up for some fresh air! Time to get it right, your party is in Hillary’s crime purse and Final Strike is now require! Helping Hand for TRUMP was successful……….now is the time for Finial Strike!!!….


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